JUICE Moblie Offers 100% Viewability for In-App and Mobile Web Ads


JUICE Mobile, a mobile ad tech firm, announced today that it will offer 100% viewability for both in-app and mobile web ads. This offer will apply to ads run via the company’s two proprietary ad tech platforms – Nectar®, a mobile programmatic direct platform, and Swarm, a mobile DSP.

“We see a majority of consumers naturally migrate to premium mobile sites, so we are offering a 100% viewability guarantee not only for in-app ads, but also for mobile web, which is a key differentiator as other ad tech companies do not offer this option,” said Neil Sweeney, President and CEO of JUICE Mobile. “Guaranteeing 100% viewability is a natural progression for us as we’ve always delivered quality mobile impressions for our clients across all of our platforms.”

JUICE Mobile’s viewability standards will align with the Media Rating Council’s recently released guidelines on mobile viewability impression measurement. The company will use Integral Ad Science to measure and track mobile campaigns for their viewability and quality. In implementing these new standards, JUICE Mobile is setting an industry precedent that will help push the market toward better ad delivery and quality on mobile platforms.

“It is important for us that this offering is fully supported, and that means ensuring the infrastructure is in place to deliver on this standard of full viewability,” said Sweeney. “We are working closely with our premium publishers to improve and optimize their overall mobile ad effectiveness and viewability for their audiences.”

Patented and built in-house, Nectar is the world’s first mobile Programmatic Direct platform. Nectar combines the efficiency and scale of RTB with the visibility and control of direct sales, offering brands and publishers a more innovative marketplace. This commitment to mobile innovation is present in JUICE Mobile’s ongoing launch of market-first mobile ad units and the company’s leadership in the proximity marketing space.


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