C-Suite TV’s niche audience joins SpotXchange’s programmatic platform


America’s biggest decision makers can now be targeted with video ads programmatically thanks to a new partnership between on-demand business channel, C-Suite TV, and programmatic video ad platform, SpotXchange. C-Suite TV is a web-based digital on-demand business channel featuring interviews and shows with business executives. SpotXchange is a video advertising platform for publishers that provides ad serving, programmatic infrastructure and advanced analytic services.

An Improved Reach for Video Advertisers
The time-sensitive c-suite audience is notoriously hard to reach, but with SpotXchange’s programmatic ad serving and targeting capabilities now integrated into C-Suite TV’s site, the country’s largest network of Fortune 500 decision makers opens up to video advertisers.

C-Suite TV features interviews with business executives, authors and celebrities, drawing an audience that accounts for roughly 90% of business-to-business (B2B) spend in North America. Host of Executive Perspectives, and Founder of C-Suite TV Jeffrey Hayzlett, said the publisher will adopt a programmatic-first model to sell video inventory to advertisers, with upwards of 90% of video ad sales to be sold through SpotXchange’s inventory management platform.

“The C-Suite TV audience is an extremely desirable audience for B2B buyers,” Hayzlett said. “It’s an audience difficult to reach through traditional means, and a vertical with very little web-based content. The c-level demographic is a scarce, niche audience that doesn’t have the time to sit down around traditional TV programming.”

The partnership signifies the extension of programmatic selling into business-to-business video advertising. “C-Suite TV is the first on-demand web-only business network to use programmatic video sales,” SpotXchange’s Senior Director of Business Development, Ben Abbatiello, said. “We’re proud SpotXchange is becoming the go-to destination for tier-one publishers such as C-Suite TV for their programmatic needs.

“SpotXchange’s end-to-end solution helps publishers better understand who bids on their inventory, at what price it’s clearing and how much advertisers are willing to pay. This gives previously unavailable insights that can help set rate card pricing for direct sold efforts,” Abbatiello added.



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