Battling Bots: Videology and White Ops Take Aim


Videology, a software provider for converged TV and video advertising, and White Ops, a pioneer in online ad fraud detection, have unveiled their partnership to combat bots and other non-human activity in online video at scale. This announcement is the result of each company’s efforts against the global botnet scourge first begun by the two companies in early 2014.

“Bot traffic is a major concern of our clients, and rightfully so,” said Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO, Videology. “But access to inventory is also key when it comes to video advertising. White Ops is uniquely equipped to combat bot traffic in today’s marketplace, and through our deep integration, our clients can leverage Videology’s proven ability to solve for portfolio-level objectives, without making trade-offs on media quality.”

In late 2014, White Ops and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) released the industry’s largest study on bot traffic in online video and display advertising. The study revealed that, on average, 23% of online video ad inventory is consumed by bot impressions.

The Videology and White Ops partnership is a major step forward in identifying and stopping the high incidence of non-human activity across online video advertising, offering seamless, cross-platform, real-time identification and blocking solutions to Videology clients worldwide. Videology has already been working closely with White Ops for over a year to eradicate bot traffic for advertiser clients, and through the partnership unveiled today, they are driving the percentage of bot traffic and other automated, non-human behavior in Videology-platform inventory toward zero.

The partnership between Videology and White Ops equips the Videology platform with the most robust real-time bot and non-human activity detection and prevention solution in the market today, protecting digital advertising stakeholders from cyber threats so they can focus on their audience. While previous solutions have only been available in the planning and measurement phases, this integration will provide Videology platform buyers with the capability to ensure media quality throughout the lifecycle of a campaign, blocking automated, non-human activity while optimizing for a campaign’s key objectives.

White Ops technology identifies bots the first time they appear, pinpoints bots in media, and differentiates human vs. bot browsing even from the same compromised machine. White Ops’ “always-on” bot detection and prevention solutions are fully integrated with the Videology platform and are available to leverage on any campaign, on any device, run through Videology. Videology clients are now able to seamlessly deploy White Ops solutions to identify bots, maximize ROI, and reach the optimal level of actual human traffic across their video campaigns and devices.

In a market with inventory scarcity, such as online video, the ability to detect bots and other non-human activity at the impression level, rather than by eliminating entire URLs, offers great value for advertisers. Unlike other solutions that employ domain or cookie-based methodologies and do not provide results for individual impressions, the White Ops and Videology technology integration “carves out” suspicious activity at scale and in real time for each impression. This allows Videology to offer clients the greatest media reach while maintaining strict quality controls for inventory.

“White Ops is the most powerful solution in the market today against ad fraud. White Ops anti-fraud solutions have the highest standards, the strictest requirements, and the biggest impact,” said White Ops CEO Michael J.J. Tiffany. “Through our partnership, Videology and the White Ops team of cyber-defense experts are devoted to breaking the profit models of bot operators so advertisers and publishers can focus on building their audiences and managing their brands.”

The White Ops and Videology integrated solutions include:

Bot detection that can be applied to any campaign on any device, available for clients to implement through simple platform tools
The ability to distinguish and report against bot activity and human activity coming from the same device
Pinpoint sources of bots in inventory to assist with future inventory optimization efforts

The White Ops bot and non-human activity detection and prevention tools are immediately available to all Videology Platform users.


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