AdTheorent’s “Q1 Mobile Ad Performance Summary Report”


AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company offering data-driven predictive solutions, announced summary findings from internal electronics industry mobile ad performance analyses conducted across its network during Q1 of 2015. Tapping its robust data-driven predictive modeling platform, the company analyzed user engagement across approximately 193 million mobile impressions in the electronics vertical for insights regarding the highest performing secondary engagement actions as well as factors influencing mobile ad engagement. AdTheorent’s electronics category campaigns outperformed the industry’s electronics average by 246%.

Mobile Rich Media Advertising Drove High Engagement and Secondary Engagement For Electronics Brands
Rich media drove strong ad engagement in Q1, delivering engagement that was 200% higher than the industry average. And, secondary ad actions within rich media units were 25% higher than industry average.

Within this category, Android and iOS both performed above industry average, but Android drove the strongest engagement (29% higher than industry benchmark). Additionally, tablets significantly outperformed smartphones by 62% in terms of secondary rich media engagement. AdTheorent’s data revealed strong secondary actions in the Electronics vertical, with engagement highest when users were given seamless access to desired content.

Top secondary actions included:
1. Viewing a mobile brand video
2. Visiting a company website to learn more about a product
3. “Buy now“ calls to action

“As more and more advertisers everage the unique capabilities that mobile has to offer and move away from static banners and click-through rate as the KPI of choice, it’s great to see such high engagement and secondary engagement rates across rich media for AdTheorent’s Q1 electronics campaigns,” said Jason Han, AdTheorent’s Director of Data and Analytics. “These results illustrate not only the importance of compelling creative and calls to action, but proper targeting.”

Mobile App Engagement Was Strong – Family, Utilities and Social Moved the Needle for Electronics Advertisers

Mobile apps outperformed mobile web sites by 73%:
• Family2 apps delivered 1242% higher engagement than Sports apps
• Utilities apps delivered 393% higher engagement than Weather apps
• Social apps outperformed Health & Fitness apps by 183%

Bad Weather Drove Results for Electronics Campaigns in Q1 — Advertisers should consider weather factors to achieve higher engagement

Data from the Electronics category shows that engagement is highest:
• When it is cold
• Temperature ranges of 32 degrees and below yielded the highest engagement (317% higher than the category average)
• The second coolest temperature range (33-50 degrees), drove the second highest engagement (251% higher than the category average)
• When it is rainy
• When precipitation was at heavy levels, engagement was 319% higher than the category average
• Moderate precipitation delivered 254% higher engagement
• When it is humid
• When humidity was high (90-100%), engagement was 34% higher than low humidity ranges (0-25%)

The Top Performers
• Females slightly outperformed males, delivering an 8% higher engagement rate
• Users on Wi-Fi networks delivered a 167% greater engagement rate (compared to users on cellular networks)
• iOS users delivered 38% higher engagement than users on Android
• Top five devices:
1. Kindle Fire HD 7
2. iPhone
3. Samsung Galaxy Tablet
4. Nokia Lumia 1520
5. LG G Pad 7.0

Top five states
1. Ohio
2. Hawaii
3. Rhode Island
4. New Jersey
5. Louisiana

About the Data
AdTheorent’s technology platform analyzed more than 193 million electronics campaign impressions across its mobile ad network during the period commencing January 1, 2015 and ending March 31, 2015.


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