JUICE Mobile Partners with Krux


JUICE Mobile, a mobile programmatic direct technology firm, and Krux, the next-gen data management platform (DMP), today announced an industry-first partnership that enriches the inventory within JUICE Mobile’s mobile programmatic direct platform, Nectar, with unique publisher-defined audience segments supplied by Krux. Further, the partnership empowers brands and agencies to execute audience-based mobile campaigns for the first time in a brand-safe, premium-guaranteed environment.

“This partnership solves a structural challenge that exists in mobile programmatic direct today – the inability to overlay audience-based targeting across guaranteed premium placements due to Device IDs not being passed in a direct ad server environment,” said Neil Sweeney, President & CEO of JUICE Mobile. “Through Krux, we have created an exceptionally valuable piece of inventory that now sits at the top of the transactional waterfall.”

The offering, which is currently in a closed beta trial with select publishers and trading desks, will be extended to other partners in the coming months.

“This collaboration delivers a progressive solution to mobile advertisers and publishers. It combines a premium, fraud-free marketplace with the power of Krux’s real-time DMP,” said Tom Chavez, CEO of Krux. “Programmatic direct gives publishers complete control over their premium inventory. Having that ability on mobile means publishers can now connect advertisers to where those targeted consumers spend their time. Audience-enabling that inventory means that advertisers can finally buy mobile exactly how they want to. We are proud to help JUICE Mobile achieve this vision.”

Through the Krux-powered Nectar offering, publishers are assured that any audience-based inventory placed in Nectar is safe from data leakage and is managed by a strict, policy-controlled framework. Advertisers have access to a rich variety of audience segments, previously unavailable on mobile programmatic direct inventory. The result is higher CPMs for publishers and more effective audience-based direct mobile buys for marketers.



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