Social Login Trends Across the Web: Q1 2015


Jarain has released “Social Login Trends Across the Web: Q1 2015.” After more than 20 quarters of analyzing and reporting on the social login trends and tracking across their customers’ tens of thousands of web and mobile sites, Janrain found that last quarter’s data indicates Google+ might even up the race with Facebook for dominance. The gap between the two leading providers narrowed to just 3%.

This Quarter’s Highlights

* After dominating the B2B vertical with a 35% share of social logins in Q4, LinkedIn logins decreased 10% with Facebook taking the lead. Facebook is regaining ground lost in Q4 2014, with noteworthy growth in the Consumer Brand (9% increase) and B2B (11% increase) verticals

* Google+ saw an overall decrease of 6% from last quarter, widening the gap with Facebook to 8% with a total share of 37%

* Facebook saw increases in share across several key verticals, including Media, Entertainment, Consumer Brands and B2B. Q1 of 2015, however, saw that gap widen yet again: Google’s share fell 3% to 37%, as Facebook’s rose 2% to 45%. While both identity providers (IDPs) enjoy little overall competition from other large social networks like Twitter (5%), Yahoo (3%) and LinkedIn (3%), vertical volatility continues to reflect shifting consumer preferences, as different IDPs offer different advantages across different types of sites.

Overall Trends
This past quarter, saw the biggest shifts in Consumer Brand and B2B websites. Facebook’s renewed focus on consumer data privacy and increased control over personal data sharing may be driving this quarter’s gains—as of March of this year, all sites have been migrated to the new app version that features an anonymous login option and line-by-line sharing controls.

Vertical Volatility

LinkedIn’s Q4 gain across B2B websites didn’t last in Q1—total share of logins for the professional network fell 10% to 25%. This decrease actually marks their lowest total share of logins in the B2B category since they became an IDP in Q4 2012.

Facebook’s share increased a dramatic 11% to 35% of total logins after hitting their lowest number for B2B sites last quarter. Upcoming changes to the LinkedIn API, including a new, independent API for enabling job applicants on a corporate website to “Apply with LinkedIn,” as well changes to their social sharing settings may create further shifts over the next few quarters.

The Implications

In Q2, more changes are coming to some of the most popular IDPs, as Google’s April 20 deprecation of Google login in favor of Google+ quickly approaches. LinkedIn’s mid-May migration could also result in additional shifts to total login shares, which will likely be most pronounced within vertical breakdowns. As Facebook’s v2 app migration has now been completed for existing users, marketers, developers and technologists alike will begin to observe consumer reactions to more granular control over the data they share.


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