Retailers can now measure the impact of cross-device digital ad spending


Tapad, a provider of unified, cross-device technology solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Placed, the leader in measuring in-store attribution. Through this partnership, Tapad is measuring the impact of unified, cross-screen marketing campaigns on in-store traffic and transactions. These measurement tools give marketers unprecedented insights into the full retail impact of their cross-device digital advertising spending. The result will be much more refined campaign optimization; and ultimately, increased sales.

“Accurately measuring ROI has long been a significant challenge for advertisers, but today’s data-driven approach to marketing has helped tremendously,” said Tapad founder and CEO, Are Traasdahl. “Understanding the impact of digital campaigns on traditional retail has been the missing link – until now. Layering in-store insights from Placed into our cross-device technology is a win-win for our advertisers.”

Early results from the partnership are promising. One cross-screen campaign demonstrated a 74% lift in restaurant visits. Another resulted in a 24% lift in in-store visits for a CPG brand. “We work with Tapad on delivering cross-screen targeting and insights for our clients. Recently we ran a campaign utilizing their partnership with Placed, which helped us understand how cross-screen exposure increases campaign engagement and drives store visitations,” said Leon Barsoumian, SVP of Analytics Research and Technology at Havas Media. “These insights, derived from Tapad’s technology and Placed’s measurement solutions, are helping us inform and activate future cross-screen buying strategies for our portfolio of clients.”

In 2015 desktop and mobile are expected to reach parity in terms of digital adspend. “By partnering with Tapad, Placed enables advertisers to view campaign performance cross-screen and cross-channel,” said David Shim, Founder and CEO at Placed. “This partnership provides advertisers the ability to measure the effective of cross-device advertising in both the digital and physical world to in-store visitation, providing a truly omnichannel view on digital ads.”

How it works:

The Tapad Device GraphTM identifies connections between related devices, resulting in a unified view of behaviors, interests, actions and ad experiences. Tapad executes cross-device advertising campaigns by leveraging The Device Graph and Tapad’s demand-side platform, Unify, to reach consumers across internet-connected devices.

Tapad then provides anonymous, privacy-safe campaign data to Placed for comparison with data from their panel of more than 500,000 active opted-in users, representing 1 in 500 adults in the US.

Placed then measures store visitation for those exposed to advertising. Additionally Placed compares a control group of people who have not been exposed to digital campaigns to the consumers who visited a store after seeing one or more advertisements on any combination of internet-connected devices.

From there, the lift of visitors resulting from a campaign is measured and Tapad can further optimize campaign performance to drive more in-store visits.



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