Q1 2015 Performance Index from MarketLive: Dial Into Smartphone Shopping


MarketLive, an e-commerce technology platform for fast-growing retailers, today announced the results of its Q1 2015 Performance Index™ report, measuring the real-world buying behavior of millions of consumers shopping online during the first quarter of 2015.

The latest quarterly results were dominated by the continued strong growth of mobile devices, as smartphone shopping significantly impacted every retail sector including brick & mortar, catalog, apparel, health & beauty, home furnishings, and brand manufacturers:

– Smartphone visits to e-commerce sites grew by 269 percent in Q1 (smartphones and tablets combined now account for 41 percent of total traffic)
– Orders from shoppers on smartphones were up 104 percent
– Smartphone visitor-to-buyer conversion rates rose 136 percent
– E-commerce revenues originating from a smartphone device increased 123 percent (smartphones and tablets combined now account for 26 percent of total revenues)

Mobile traffic’s strong performance in Q1 coincided with Google’s update last week to its mobile search ranking algorithm, which is considered to be one of the most significant changes in years.

“We’ve been watching the influence of mobile devices deepening in every quarterly Performance Index for the past year, and clearly Google recognized that searches from mobile devices are poised to surpass search on desktop computers,” said Ken Burke, founder and CEO of MarketLive, Inc. “Every retailer needs to show their brand at its very best every time a customer interacts with them – via any channel, on any device, at every key contact point – and mobile is no exception. For any online merchant that still hasn’t made accommodations for mobile, they are lagging behind their competitors and no doubt losing out on traffic.”

Merchants Moving to Mobile

Other trends uncovered in the MarketLive Performance Index indicate that online merchants are starting to implement the technology enhancements needed to ensure a positive and engaging shopping experience from mobile devices:
– Smartphone revenue-per-visit rose 147 percent
– Add-to-basket rates and page-views-per-visit increased
– Cart and checkout abandonment rates improved
– Smartphone-versus-Desktop gap in average order value (AOV) narrowed

The MarketLive Performance Index Vol. 28 was produced by analyzing anonymous aggregated, U.S. traffic and revenue data from MarketLive’s customers whose e-commerce websites have continuously reported data from at least January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015 or before.

The Performance Index results are broken out by retail sector and key performance metrics including average customer visits, average order size, conversion rates, and more. The report also tracks path to purchase, cart abandonment data and offers online retailing tips and best practices, based on the real-world buying behavior of millions of online consumers.



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