B2B News: DWA Chooses DataXu As Global Programmatic Partner


DWA, a global media and marketing agency for technology companies, and DataXu, a provider of programmatic marketing software today announced a strategic partnership to bring advanced programmatic solutions to B2B marketers. With DWA and DataXu, B2B marketers now have the opportunity to leverage a wide range of data points, both across devices and across channels, in order to advertise to the members of a buying team, at any point in the buyer journey.

B2B marketers know the typical buying decision process is nearly complete before the customer even talks to the supplier and that over one third of B2B purchase decisions involve 6-10 individuals – ranging from product users, to financial approvers, and ultimately the buyer. Yet many B2B organizations have remained fixated on lower-funnel lead generation activity and particular job titles, due to limited data and lack of insights into who the real buying team is and when to market to them.

The algorithmic prospecting power offered by DWA and DataXu will help B2B marketers most effectively connect with these information-seeking individuals involved in the buying process.

“By partnering with DataXu, we’re able to target a buying team based on very specific criteria, both efficiently and at great scale,” said Matthew Yorke, President of Global Business Innovation and CMO at DWA. “Programmatic is poised for rapid growth in B2B, and we are committed to being the market leader in using data and tools like DataXu’s that will get better business outcomes for our clients – ones that have a real financial impact on their business.”

DWA + DataXu — Core Capabilities Of The Partnership:

*Buying across open exchange, private exchange, and direct buys

*Cross channel media activation: display, mobile, tablet, video, and social

*Algorithmic optimization and customized algorithm opportunities

*Reporting, analytics, and campaign insights

*Quality assured media via Fraud Free Guarantee

* Transparent programs, pricing and reporting

*Preferred CRM onboarding and activation rates

*Largest repository of technology insights to inform business and marketing strategy

*Dedicated global coverage across 50+ countries and all global regions, with dedicated account support across media, ad and marketing technology, and strategy.

DataXu and DWA began working together nearly two years and have now established a worldwide partnership in which all of DWA’s programmatic ad spending on behalf of its clients will be executed using DataXu’s software, through integration with DWA’s in-house Adaptive Marketing Platform (AMP). AMP layers multiple data sources to form an enhanced understanding of each customer, in order to deliver a precise, personalized customer experience across paid and owned media. The platform works to turn static content into more personalized experiences, based on known preferences and behaviors, and provides clients the ability to test audience and messaging assumptions. Additionally, AMP’s integrated lead management system allows for delivery of higher quality leads through real-time scrubbing and leverages the database for greater insights and media activation.

“DataXu is excited to partner with DWA to bring industry-leading programmatic marketing to B2B marketers. Unlike B2C marketing, the impact of leveraging big data has not been realized fully in the B2B world,” said Ed Montes, Chief Revenue Officer at DataXu. “Together with DWA, we are now delivering on that promise, enabling marketers to accurately understand and engage business decision makers, in both customer and prospect accounts, across all relevant media channels.”


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