AOL One–The arrival of a new ad-tech platform


AOL Inc. has launched ONE by AOL™, an open, unified programmatic platform enabling marketers to optimize against campaign goals across all screens, formats and inventory types. ONE delivers a consolidated, holistic view of marketing spend and performance across all screens – including TV – and is unprecedented in market today. The launch of ONE represents a meaningful step in the simplification in the marketplace for marketers, agencies and publishers. In conjunction with the launch, AOL will consolidate most of its programmatic brands to align with the ONE platform.

“AOL’s mission has at its heart the ‘simplification’ of the digital space by unleashing the world’s best builders of culture and code, and today’s launch of ONE furthers that mission significantly,” said Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO, AOL.

The full ONE by AOL programmatic platform is available today in North America. Various programmatic modules (eg. ONE by AOL: Display, ONE by AOL: Video) are available in regions around the globe.

ONE by AOL benefits include:

Simplification: ONE integrates in one place all buying channels, audience management platforms, and best-in-class multi-touch attribution (MTA) and seamlessly connects data throughout the entire process.
Single view of the user: ONE unifies multiple data sources and provides marketers a holistic view of the consumer journey through the entire marketing funnel; improving targeting, message sequencing and ROI.
Speed to activation: MTA is the foundation for ONE and its deep integration with online and offline buying tools allows for unparalleled speed from insight to action.
Premium at scale: ONE combines best-in-class technology with premium content brands and a world-class rich media offering that allows clients to create premium experiences across all screens, formats and inventory types at scale.
Open: Clients can use AOL’s full stack or any of its platform components combined with those of third parties, enabling brands to customize their own programmatic platforms while maintaining control of their own data.

“With the launch of ONE, we are helping solve real business problems for marketers,” said Bob Lord, President, AOL. “ONE allows advertisers and agencies to use data as the foundation of their marketing strategy, looking at consumers through a single, media-agnostic lens, from Web to TV. Connecting audience data to media exposures throughout the purchase path lets brands accurately measure return on their marketing dollars.”

Consolidating the brand portfolio
Today AOL also began consolidating its brand portfolio within the technology stack to help simplify the offerings. Point solution brands that have been in market will consolidate and rebrand under ONE by AOL*, including:

ONE by AOL: Video (formerly
ONE by AOL: Video Marketplace (formerly Marketplace)
ONE by AOL: Display (formerly AdLearn Open Platform)
ONE by AOL: TV (formerly
ONE by AOL: Audience (formerly AOL’s data management platform)
ONE by AOL: Attribution (formerly Convertro**)

*Other brands in the platform ecosystem will sunset on a rolling basis as their functionality becomes available within ONE (ie. Gravity, Pictela, ADTECH, MARKETPLACE by ADTECH)
** The Convertro offering will also be sold as a standalone solution under the brand name Convertro


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