Adobe Released Its Q1 2015 Digital Advertising Report


Adobe released its Q1 2015 Digital Advertising Report analyzing search and social media data and trends around Google, Yahoo/Bing and Facebook, as well as offering industry predictions around emerging social media apps and online advertising spend. The report is based on 500+ billion Google and Bing/Yahoo ad impressions plus 490+ billion Facebook post impressions.

Key findings include:
Popularity of social video streaming apps took off in late Q1: Social apps like Periscope and Meerkat burst onto the scene in March 2015, with Meerkat averaging the most usage so far.

Spread between Facebook paid and organic impressions widens: Paid impressions up 8% YoY while organic impressions continue to decline, down 35% YoY; Facebook paid vs. organic spread widens, but brand posting is up 31% YoY.

Global SEM up; CTRs increase; CPCs flat except on smartphones: Global SEM spend is up 5% YoY across Google and Bing/Yahoo; CTRs up 12% YoY and CPCs up 5% YoY; overall CPC on smartphones still lag vs. CPC on tablets and desktops.

Mobile algorithm changes better optimize SEM: Mobile algorithm changes will help marketers reduce costs and better optimize SEM on smartphones and tablets; tablet CPCs were 35% higher than smartphones in Q1


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