The IAB Mobile Programmatic Playbook is Available


The IAB Mobile Programmatic Playbook is now available. This playbook, says Rob Kramer co-chair of the IAB’s Mobile Programmatic Buying Working Group and General Manager of Mobile at OpenX, is the first IAB programmatic document that covers all aspects that are unique to the mobile programmatic environment so that publishers, third parties, advertisers, agencies and marketers have a guide to learning more about the current state and evolution of the mobile programmatic market when planning their strategies.

Kramer stresses that, “we’re at an inflection point where programmatic advertising is becoming more sophisticated with the buy and sell side applying their power to a broader, more diverse set of opportunities.” He points out that the benefits of programmatic across the digital spectrum are clear. With mobile an increasingly important part of the consumer’s daily life, reaching on-the-go consumers via this 24/7 channel is a top priority for marketers, just as learning how to fully monetize their mobile applications and mobile websites is a key goal for publishers.

However, in the mobile ecosystem where cookies are less prevalent, a key point to note is that programmatic buying requires greater transparency in terms of mobile data signals to enable publishers to more effectively optimize their yield and brands to achieve greater ROI.


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