Sizmek Presents: Ads of the Week March 9th-13th


What’s your hook for user engagement? Maybe it’s with gorgeous photography and a choice of tempting vehicles or eye-catching animation to create immediate intrigue? Perhaps it’s the relevance of providing real-time, localized pollen count in the banner creative? These smart ads offer great inspiration for your next campaign!

Campaign Name: Pandora Flonase Pollen Feed

Country: United States

Advertiser: Flonase

Media Agency: PHD Media

Creative Agency: Wonderment

Publisher: Pandora

Built Using: Workshop (for desktop)

Link to ad:

This cool dynamic ad for Flonase on the Pandora site displays the real-time pollen level for the user’s geographic location. Users who click are rewarded with a coupon offer and information of about Flonase, allergies and more.

Pandora users can see the ad in full action; click here.


Campaign Name: Nissan Infiniti

Country: Canada

Advertiser: Nissan

Media Agency: NA

Publisher: MSN

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad:

This ad banner displays a trio of gleaming Infinitis, giving the user a choice of three models to expand and explore. Once they do, an entire world of information opens up – from full video to interior and exterior feature specifications to a click through for pricing and shopping tools.


Campaign Name: A&E’s Preview of Bates Motel

Country: United States

Advertiser: A&E

Media Agency: Modop

Creative Agency: Horizon Media

Publisher: MSN

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad:

This expandable billboard ad for the new season of the Bates Motel features creepy but vibrant animation in the banner that expands to a full video preview. A strangely enticing click-through lets the user share on Facebook to win a trip to stay at the Bates motel. (If you dare!)


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