Sizmek Presents: Ads of the Week March 16th-20th

Inplace #2

Engagement is all about storytelling, they say. And this week’s ads cover all the genres. HBO presents a compelling montage of dramas, Ariston immerses us in cozy family life, and both KDDI and Paramount take the comic route, complete with unique formats and goofy characters. Creative like this guarantees a happy ending!

Campaign Name: HBO TV Series Showcase

Country: United States

Advertiser: HBO

Media Agency: NA

Creative Agency:

Publisher: MSN

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to ad:

This billboard ad for HBO’s new HBONOW streaming service showcases the network’s hottest series and films in one video billboard.


Campaign Name: Ariston Thermo

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Ariston

Media Agency: OMD TR

Publisher: Hurriyet

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad:

A happy family and adorable baby aren’t all that makes this Ariston ad so appealing. The pushdown banner format displays the video, animations and offer while keeping site content in view for the user.


Campaign Name: KDDI Yahoo! Japan

Country: Japan

Advertiser: KDDI

Media Agency: Dentsu

Creative Agency: SparePocket Inc.

Publisher: Yahoo! Japan

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad:

Created specifically for Yahoo! Japan, this custom ad for mobile carrier KDDI features custom panels with video that launch automatically and mouse-over animation sequences that reveal a pushdown banner featuring a comedic novella.

Campaign Name: Bob L’Eponge

Country: France

Advertiser: Paramount_FR

Media Agency: MEC Paramount FR

Creative Agency: eTF1 FR

Publisher: Lagardere FR

Built Using: Workshop and custom expandable

Link to Ad:

This fun, customized homepage takeover takes the traditional expandable concept in a new direction. Characters from the latest SpongeBob film jump out of the custom skin, flatten other banners on the page and pose heroically on top of the wreckage.