Rewarded Video for Content Drives Big Brand Benefits


Supersonic, Inc., an in-app monetization and user acquisition platform, today announces 300% ad impression growth in Q1 2015 as demand for its rewarded video solution skyrockets in 2015. Rewarded Video formats have become popular for their ability to engage users through rich video experiences while offering opt-in access to premium content. Supersonic’s Rewarded Video platform is live with publishers such as Electronic Arts, Kongregate, GREE, Pocketgems, Pretty Simple, Social Point and DeNA among others. For Brand advertisers, these formats are driving significant post-view engagement with CTR’s in the average range of 20-35%.

“We have definitely found a place for Rewarded Video advertising in our applications, We see it as a great user engagement vehicle and revenue driver. Partners like Supersonic are helping us to fuel this business and will continue to see it grow”, said Albert Custido, Socialpoint.

As the app store saturates and monetization becomes increasingly difficult, developers look for new ways to acquire and engage users. A recent Forrester study reports that user preferences shift dramatically in favor of ads when coupled with a reward based model. Rewarded formats, built atop the success of video ads, follow this inclination — boasting record eCPMs and user engagement across the board.

“Consumer consent and control is a powerful trend in digital advertising, and mobile games are leading the way in defining this new paradigm,” said Dave Madden, head of Global Media Solutions, EA. “Our players respond very positively to brands that reward them for their time and engagement, resulting in a better player experience and yielding impressive results for marketers.”

Alongside the positive effects for brands, developers report a noteworthy increase in retention and LTV for the end-user, generating a combination of revenue opportunities. Customers also cite a meaningful uptick in conversation of non-paying to paying users since the introduction of Rewarded Video-based ad slots.

“Delivering high quality interactive content from different providers makes Supersonics our #1 partner for in-game advertisement. Their services, performance and understanding of Criminal Case and its players are of the highest standard. Their tailored offers are not only of great benefit to Pretty Simple and SupersonicAds but also to our players, which is the most important thing.”, said Charles Jacquet, Monetization Manager at Pretty Simple.

Supersonic’s unique Supply Side Platform allows developers to not only access Supersonic’s demand but to also tap into the leading mobile Ad Networks driving Rewarded Video Demand. Through a simple plug-n-play integration, developers seamlessly deploy Rewarded Video across their applications creating an instant marketplace for demand sources to bid against their inventory. At the core is an optimization engine running both on the developers supply and the advertisers demand, matching brand to user, leading to increased yield optimization and ultimately higher revenues for the developer and quality for the brand.

“User loyalty is fickle. Present too many irrelevant ads and user growth will stagger; present too little ad content and the app becomes unsustainable in a free model. Rewarded video ads remedy this well by providing a voluntary level of commitment that users actually seek out, increasing overall engagement in a native like experience.” says Gil Shoham, CEO and Co-Founder at Supersonic.

Video ads have energized user engagement and mobile monetization driving rewarded video to the top of a developer’s arsenal. The success of reward based advertising provide big strides for industry confidence, lifting ad spend from brand advertisers from all sectors.


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