Project ZeroBot: Making Clicks Real


PureClick announces the creation of Project ZeroBot, which intends to make significant strides in eliminating the problem of non-human traffic plaguing the digital advertising industry. PureClick products are designed for “PPC 2.0,” where advertisers pay only for clicks from real people with real intent. PureClick’s PureCaptcha product allows advertisers to see the impact of non-human traffic and mistaken clicks on their media spend. The MRC-accredited click measurement tools, PureBounce and PureCaptcha, work in the post-click environment to identify mistaken clicks and non-human traffic that maliciously clicks on ads for the purposes of defrauding advertisers.

“It is becoming very evident that the solution to the non-human traffic problem cannot be solved by the industry’s viewability standard alone,” says Tim Rodgers, co-Founder of PureClick. “PureClick products capture sophisticated Bots and confirms human activity with intent to browse the advertiser site. We know what human traffic looks like, and a significant proportion of what we are seeing in display networks is either mistaken clicks or Bots.”

PureClick has created a ZeroBot team, tasked to identify specific signatures of Bots, classifying them through a form of genomic sequencing and then cataloging them and their sources. As an agent working on behalf of advertisers, PureClick will reconcile with actual billed clicks, and work confidentially with ad networks and advertisers to filter the newly discovered bots and identify publishers from which non-human traffic originates.

The Project ZeroBot team is currently surveying a number of networks for post ad click activity and has isolated a series of Bots that are evading network detection. To raise awareness of this issue and elevate it from suspicion to verifiable fact, the Project ZeroBot team will announce Bot discoveries and their full genomics, while anonymizing network, publisher and advertiser.


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