Programmatic Mobile Ads On the Rise: bRealTime Revenue Jumped 682%


bRealTime, a programmatic division of digital media holding company CPXi, announced today that its preferred programmatic mobile marketplace saw revenue increase 682% in 2014, compared to 2013. This year alone, bRealTime’s revenue is up 258% as compared to Jan/Feb 2014.

bRealTime’s Programmatic Mobile Marketplace connects programmatic buyers with mobile inventory across apps, the optimized web, and the standard mobile web by giving media buyers tools to leverage direct relationships with mobile publishers. The platform provides a cross-channel programmatic offering with custom mobile capabilities.

As a result, the platform helps publishers monetize mobile traffic and get the highest CPMs possible. By selling their mobile inventory separately, publishers are able to maximize the monetization of their sites. In fact, bRealTime has discovered that CPMs were 24% higher for mobile than desktop, and 57% higher for tablets.

“bRealTime has always been committed to efficiently monetizing 100% of our publishers’ inventory utilizing programmatic strategies,” said Jonathan Slavin, CRO of CPXi. “As mobile has grown as a percentage of that inventory, we have committed ourselves to staying ahead of the curve, developing custom mobile ad units and continually adding programmatic mobile capacity. We are proud that, over the past year, our mobile inventory monetization growth has outpaced the industry by almost 700 percent.”

According to eMarketer, the U.S. Mobile market will reach $175B in 2018. BIA/Kelsey predicts that by 2017, 92% of American mobile users will have a smartphone. While mobile web surfing is increasing, typical display inventory fails to optimize ads. Marketers that rely on buying only display inventory often see their ads reduced to fit on the phone screen, making a smaller impact on the consumer.

“As the mobile landscape continues to grow, both advertisers and publishers are looking for effective ways to serve mobile ad units programmatically,” said Brian Weigel, GM, bRealTime. “Both sides are finding that a one-size-fits all model is no longer relevant. With various custom, high-impact mobile creative ad units and multi-variable targeting attributes, bRealTime is helping demand and supply-side partners effectively deliver optimized mobile creative to audiences on-the-go.”


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