New Way (or wywy) to Track TV Ads Impact on Website Performance


wywy, a company specializing in TV syncing advertising technology and real time TV ad tracking, today announced the availability of a new data connector app on the Adobe Cloud Marketing Exchange, an Adobe core service that provides a marketplace for pre-built applications and integrations between Adobe solutions and third-party apps.

The wywy TV Analytics app will connect advertisers’ TV campaigns with their web tracking data in Adobe Analytics, allowing them to measure the effect of TV advertising on website performance. wywy’s TV monitoring network detects commercials in real time and then makes the information available via its app in Adobe Analytics in real time as well.

Advertisers will be able to immediately see the impact of each TV spot airing on website visits, bounce rates and conversions. Additionally, advertisers will be able to analyze which TV creative, TV channel, time of day or week day works best to support marketing campaign objectives.

“TV is the largest advertising medium, but reporting on how it impacts website traffic isn’t properly attributed,” said Dr. Andreas Schroeter, wywy’s co-founder and COO. “According to Nielsen, 27%of TV viewers look up product-related information online, which leads to spikes in web traffic. Online marketers are used to measuring every dot on every ‘i.’ Now it’s possible to measure the impact that TV ads have on the web, as well. With TV still commanding the lion’s share of media spending, this new tool will give marketers valuable information to help maximize ad campaigns.”


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