Moving Moments: Video Ads Perform on Instagram


Instagram is all about capturing and sharing the world’s moments. And some moments need more than a still image to come to life. Two years ago Instagram introduced video to bring their audience another powerful way to share stories. And last October they began offering video ads in the US. Video ads are also now available in the UK, Canada, Australia and France.

In recent months, global brands have begun sharing 15-second custom video ads on Instagram, from teasers of upcoming movie releases to simple recipes. And they are driving measurable results.

Banana Republic was one of their first video advertisers in the US. View its effort here.To promote its latest collection, the clothing retailer developed a series of innovative video spots using a time-lapse technique. The videos featured fashion sketches that brought to life different looks from its winter line. The campaign drove a significant lift in ad recall and lift in associating the brand with fashion-forward clothing.

Disney also launched a video ad for its new movie Big Hero 6.

When it comes to how you can best connect with the Instagram community through video, here are some tips.
• Sound: All video on Instagram plays automatically without audio. It’s important to craft your videos spots as if they will play silently, and consider sound a plus.
• Motion: As a general rule, consider having motion in the first few frames of your video to capture attention. We’ve found that your audience might overlook video if they don’t notice movement, and assume it’s a still.
• Pacing: Even though it’s only 15 seconds long, approach the rhythm of your film deliberately. Consider how it will affect the tone, emotion, mood and story. And keep in mind that with our looping feature, your video will automatically replay.
• Perspective: Consider camera position and its affect on an audience. When a camera is low, it can make the subject feel intimidating. Viewers may feel more in control with an elevated camera position.


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