iPinYou Releases 2015 Report: Key Trends & Insights of Programmatic Advertising in China

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iPinYou has released a 2015 Report: Key Trends & Insights of Programmatic Advertising in China. As the largest DSP in China, iPinYou has served over 3,000 clients in the past seven years. In 2014, iPinYou boasted a 52.8% market share in China in the programmatic buying space domain. Last year, iPinYou witnessed a programmatic advertising boom along with tremendous industry development. With more digital advertising dollars shifting to programmatic buying, the importance of DSP continues to rise and DMP and PDB are becoming more popular with each passing day. More and more marketers seem to have an automated, technology-centric, data-driven method of digital display on their agenda, yet still have many questions to ask. According to Grace Huang, CEO, Co-Founder of iPinYou, by releasing the report, the company hopes to help marketers deal with common problems: “iPinYou is releasing this report as our contribution to the industry and we hope to help stimulate the healthy development of programmatic advertising in the future.”

As Forbes reported last December, “Chinese companies led by Alibaba and Baidu will take nearly 11% of the $146 billion worldwide digital advertising market in 2014, according to a new tally by market researcher eMarketer. Those two companies will constitute about 4.7% each of the market, coming in at No. 3 and No. 4, putting them well ahead of Microsoft, IAC, Yahoo, and Twitter. Of course, they’ve been at it for years, but eMarketer’s report highlights how far Chinese companies have come in online advertising. Google still leads the pack by far with 31.1%, though that’s down from last year by a few tenths of one percent. Facebook is No. 2 with 7.75%, up a full two percentage points from 2013.
Two other Chinese companies make the top 20, though with much lower revenues. Tencent and SINA combined will have 1.2% this year.

In mobile advertising, a $40.2 billion market this year, Alibaba and Baidu look even stronger. Alibaba, coming in at No. 3, will see its share of mobile ad dollars jump from 1.6% in 2013 to 6.2% this year. No. 4 Baidu’s share will nearly double, to 5.1%.

Again, Google rules in mobile, with 40.5% this year, down from almost 47% last year. Facebook had almost a 2-point gain to 18.4%.

The Chinese mobile ad market has been on fire this year, according to eMarketer, which says the market rocketed sevenfold to $6.4 billion, making it the second-largest mobile ad market and edging out the United Kingdom and Japan.