CPXi offers “Programmatic Direct: A Six-Step Guide to Efficiency Through Automation” and a Cool Infographic


Digital media holding company CPXi today announced the availability of a primer from their AdReady division: Programmatic Direct: A Six-Step Guide to Efficiency Through Automation. By 2016, eMarketer predicts that programmatic will lead the display advertising industry with 63% of all digital ad spend (over $20 billion). Programmatic direct, also known as automated guaranteed, will account for 42% of programmatic spend.

“Programmatic is steadily becoming the norm for digital advertisers,” says Johanna Pesso, VP of Product at CPXi, responsible for product development and messaging for all CPXi divisions, including AdReady. “The market is becoming comfortable with real-time bidding technology, and both advertisers and publishers are now looking for new ways to leverage automation to negotiate deals for more premium inventory. As a leader in programmatic campaign execution, AdReady provides clients with the technology and services needed to drive scalable results from these programmatic direct strategies.”


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