Barely Branded & Totally Viral Video (sort of) Ads


Here are two great examples of how fabulously creative video advertising can make you part of a worldwide discussion about issues that matter –and your product or mission. If you create something catchy enough, viewers will be compelled to share it–over and over.

One of the most popular ads that wasn’t an ad is the Dumb Ways to Die video from Melbourne Metro. Within days of release, the video had become the most shared video in the world. Not only did it have a catchy tune to keep viewers hooked, but the hilarious animations created a must-see feeling. The video not only had the song but it was also reinforced with a game and public ads that led to it being the most shared public service announcement in history and a 21% decrease in accidents and deaths the following year.

Chipotle: The Scarecrow is all about the importance of fresh foods and uses a soundtrack from a Grammy Award winning artist to tell the animated story. It too comes with a downloadable game.


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