adMobix Adds 4 SSP Providers & Support of Native Ads on Mobile


adMobix, a provider of mobile marketing and technology solutions for brands, agencies, developers and media companies, announced it has added four supply-side platform (SSP) providers to Yocto, the company’s programmatic demand-side platform (DSP).

Leading SSPs Opera Mediaworks, TapSense, engage:BDR and PubNative are now integrated with Yocto, providing a larger pool of inventory and global reach for adMobix’s DSP partners.

“Our programmatic buying platform leverages data and automation across multiple screens and as a result, the ‘holy grail’ of marketing can be achieved whereby an ad unit can be served with the right message, to the right person at the right time,” said Kent Keilback, CEO of adMobix. “The addition of new SSPs speaks to our commitment to delivering users the highest possible yield, whatever that yield metric may be in the most efficient way.”

In addition to the four SSPs, adMobix will also now support native ads on mobile, which have become a common practice for marketers and app developers. This adds to the existing banner ad option that Yocto already supports.

With native ads’ popularity and assimilation within the digital marketing space, Yocto’s native ads integration gives advertisers, media buyers and marketers a wide-range of targeting methods in order to reach the most relevant and targeted audience possible – which helps provide the best return on their ad spend.

Yocto uses machine-learning algorithms to automate optimization which helps advertisers, independent marketers or media buyers find proverbial needles in the global haystack.


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