A 16-Brand Bracket for March Madness to Measure Social Media Activity of Sponsors


In the spirit of March Madness, AddThis has created their own Brand Bracket, pitting 16 of the tournament sponsors against each other. Victories will be  measured by social media and content sharing activity. Look for follow up news on this tournament’s losers and winners, here, at adotas.com.

Anytime someone shares, follows, or interacts with a piece of content, there’s a good chance AddThis has something to do with it. According to comScore, they reach over 98% of the US — that’s more than Facebook or Google.

So to heck with Duke, Wisconsin and Kentucky–let’s see how Cap One, Burger King, UPS and Unilever are doing. And keep your eye out for a fast move up the rankings from Kindle, Buick and LG.



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