Sizmek Presents: Ads of the Week March 2nd to March 6th

Inplace #2

Is it an ad or a game? Are you the photographer or the subject? This week’s ads play with perspective in fantastically creative ways, giving users two angles (or more!) from which to engage and enjoy the ad experience.

Campaign Name: Samsung VPAID

Country: Germany

Advertiser: Vodafone

Media Agency: Vodafone Germany

Creative Agency: Cynapsis

Publisher: Xaxis DE

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to ad:

In this VPAID Pre-roll for Vodafone, the user can get behind the camera or out in front of it – and switch back and forth with a click. It’s both great storytelling and a rich ad experience.


Campaign Name: Sony PS4 (Play Station)

Country: Poland

Advertiser: Sony

Media Agency: Media Direction PL


Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad:

Ordinary street scene or futuristic melee? This ad for the Sony PS4 uses mind-bending video to grab attention and uses a menu overlay to encourage social sharing at any time.


Campaign Name: Star ICC Cricket World Cup launch

Country: India

Advertiser: Star India Pvt Ltd

Media Agency: MSNAidem

Creative Agency: sportzinteractive


Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad:

This fun, animated expandable is like a game within a game ad. It lets users test out their cricket skills without ever leaving the ad unit promoting the ICC Cricket World Cup.


Campaign Name: Inherent Vice

Country: France

Advertiser: WBRelease

Media Agency: WB Pictures Intl France

Creative Agency: La Jungle FR

Publisher: Huffington Post

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop with custom script, panels, and additional assets

Link to Ad:

Is it content plus movie poster, or movie poster plus content? This homepage takeover with custom side panels promotes the WB release of Inherent Vice in big Hollywood fashion, with retro neon animation, a movie trailer and one-click social media functions – without ever exiting the homepage.