When Customer Care Gets Social…

Inplace #2

Janrain, the provider of Customer Identity Management technology, launched their Customer Care Portal, an administrative tool for Customer Care teams to view and access social profile data on their customer base. For the first time, Customer Care agents can understand the psychographic characteristics of their customers, including ‘Likes,’ interests, and other data from social profiles. These capabilities are empowering a whole new set of abilities for the agents to get closer to their customers and understand them better. In addition, the Customer Care Portal tool provides everything a Customer Care team would need to be able to change sensitive customer data with the right corporate oversight and robust agent management controls.

“Janrain has long offered improved efficiency, allowing customers to manage their own profiles,” said Larry Drebes, Founder and CEO of Janrain. “Sometimes a customer just needs to speak to someone in real time. Customer Care teams can now view the data and manage the processes, using the same data as the customer themselves.”

The Customer Care Portal’s functionality enables an authorized representative to create, search for and modify customer profiles stored within that Customer’s organization(s); while maintaining strong access controls and audit trails to deliver accountability. Key features of the Customer Care Portal include:

Easy-to-use interface: Intuitive interface for searching and editing customer records. Aligned with terminology and workflows Customer Service teams already use.
Role-based configuration: Flexible configuration tools permit customer service agents and agent managers to maintain customer records associated with specific properties and organizations within the business.

Companies interested in learning more about the value of Janrain’s Customer Profile Identity platform and the Customer Care Portal may visit for www.janrain.com for more information.