PureClick Secures Click Measurement Accreditation from the Media Rating Council


PureClick has received click measurement accreditation for its IAB Valid Clicks, IAB Valid Clicks Resolved, and PureCaptcha confirmed clicks metrics from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its PureCaptcha and PureBounce products. This accreditation certifies that the company’s core methodology, metrics, and reports comply with industry-accepted guidelines for click measurement, as well as with MRC’s Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research. It also demonstrates PureClick’s adherence to the established standards in its efforts to provide unparalleled transparency to digital advertising.

“MRC accreditation is a critical step to furthering our company’s mission to provide transparency, accuracy and reliability in our pay-per-click click measurement reporting on major search engines and advertising networks,” said Simon Raab, co-founder of PureClick. “Our long-term goal is to introduce PPC 2.0, where advertisers only pay for real clicks from real people with intent. PureClick products deliver results that are illuminating and disruptive, necessitating the credibility provided by the detailed MRC accreditation process.”

“We congratulate PureClick upon meeting the rigorous standards required for MRC accreditation of its IAB Valid Clicks, IAB Valid Clicks Resolved, and PureCaptcha confirmed clicks metrics,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of MRC. He added, “PureClick’s PureCaptcha approach takes confirmation of click activity to another level, in that users actually confirm the intent of their original clicks, thereby providing advertisers with greater assurance that their click investments are going to an active and engaged audience.”

PureClick’s PureBounce product is the first click measurement accredited tool to provide detailed time-to-bounce measurement of an arriving paid click in order to meet the 2009 IAB Click Measurement Guidelines for “Clicks Resolved.” The product can verify if the advertiser site was available and if the paid click arrived and stayed long enough for the first commercial interaction on the advertiser’s page.

PureClick’s one-click PureCaptcha product is a proprietary post-click behavioral filter, providing a unique view into click behavior at the advertiser site. It solves numerous problems in the detection of sophisticated malware/bots that have achieved a high level of human simulation. PureCaptcha is trivial for a human to execute but virtually impossible for non-human traffic to navigate.

PureCaptcha also offers a uniquely-suited mobile configuration to expose the extent of the “fat-finger” or the mis-click effect on ads served on mobile devices. The PureCaptcha’s proprietary and patent-pending advertiser branded welcome makes its implementation seamless and convenient.

PureClick’s PureDisplay and PureSearch products, which are not accredited by the MRC, provide the necessary supporting tools for examining ad placement context in both display advertising and paid search. Contextual relevance is an important part of the Ad Verification Guidelines, and transparency into the context of these placements is critical for advertisers to make informed marketing decisions.

“Our white-hat products were developed out of a passion for bringing transparency to the PPC industry, and to solve the crisis of non-human traffic threatening the credibility of digital advertising today,” added Tim Rodgers, co-founder of PureClick. “PureCaptcha can solve this crisis overnight. Our technologies can bring a higher level of trust to digital advertising and have a positive impact across the ecosystem – from the networks to the large and small business owners who advertise on them.”

As part of the accreditation process, PureClick will begin publicly reporting findings for various advertising networks, undertaking an initiative to identify sophisticated bots and complicit publishers, and work with those ad networks to improve their PPC network integrity.


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