MediaBrix Announces Emotional Targeting Advisory Board


MediaBrix today announces the creation of an Emotional Targeting Advisory Board to provide expert guidance as the mobile app advertising platform continues to integrate more sensory elements into their products and platform. The appointment of this advisory board is a natural progression in MediaBrix’s strategy to humanize brand advertising and is a follow on to MediaBrix’s recent announcement that it was the first to bring sound and haptics to in-app mobile branding ads.

At present, this advisory board is comprised of two members, hand-selected for their expertise in sound, haptics, sensory marketing and neuromarketing: Roger Dooley and Julian Treasure. To develop the advisory board, MediaBrix researched hundreds of experts worldwide. Dooley and Treasure were the first to be picked for their significant credentials and because both also are aligned closely with the MediaBrix vision to humanize the advertising experience by making the most of sensory elements in mobile devices.

“MediaBrix is pioneering the use of congruent sound to create super-additivity and drive online brand performance. This is an area of endless opportunity as we start to apply scientific research to create richer, more rewarding user experiences in multiple senses,” said Treasure, an expert in incorporating the strategic use of sound for brands, an international speaker and the author of Sound Business.

“Neuromarketing research shows us that consumer brand recall is greater when multiple senses are engaged. MediaBrix is enhancing game and app user experience on mobile devices by stimulating their sense of hearing, sight and touch and, at the same time, increasing positive brand awareness,” said Dooley, an expert in the area of using brain science and sensory stimuli in marketing and sales, and the author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing.

“In order for mobile advertising to fulfill the promise to create immersive user experiences and thereby engage people on an emotional level, sensory marketing is the next frontier. We’ve created this advisory board because it’s a priority for MediaBrix to continue to humanize brand advertising in mobile and social gaming apps,” said Ari Brandt, MediaBrix CEO and Co-Founder. “We’re excited about the knowledge these thought leaders will bring to MediaBrix and ultimately the brands we work with, because we believe early adopters of this approach will gain huge competitive advantage.”


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