Facebook’s® Marketing Partnerships: BLiNQ Media Joins ‘Em & Likes ‘Em


The Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program was created to help businesses scale their marketing efforts on Facebook. The structure gives partners one badge to signify that they meet or exceed Facebook partner standards. It also organizes partners based on specific areas of expertise:

Ad Technology: Scale and optimize Facebook ad campaigns
Media Buying:1 Find top Facebook media expertise
Facebook Exchange (FBX): Extend the reach of your exchange buys to include Facebook Exchange via our partner DSPs
Community Management: Access advanced technology for managing Pages and conversations
Content Marketing: Create, curate and serve up content easily
Small Business Solutions
: Find a range of services and/or technology tailored for small and locally-based businesses
Audience Onboarding: Bring your internal data and audiences onto Facebook
Audience Data Providers: Access external data and put it to use on Facebook
: Gain critical data and insights across your campaigns

The structure helps businesses find partners with expertise in particular countries and industries. Businesses looking for a marketing partner can use our revamped matching tool to search by specialty, country and industry and then contact partners directly.

ONE OF THE NEWEST PARTNERS: BLiNQ Media (a G/O Digital company)

BLiNQ Media has been accepted into Facebook’s® selective Facebook Marketing Partner program, becoming a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with an Ad Technology specialty and an emphasis in the Automotive and Retail verticals. Already a Facebook Innovation Award Winner and a former Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD), BLiNQ Media is now a member of Facebook’s new program, which has been restructured to organize partners based on area of expertise. The designation signifies that BLiNQ Media is an expert in executing Facebook marketing campaigns for marketers in the auto and retail verticals. The designation underscores the company’s proven success in driving, optimizing and scaling high-impact social marketing solutions for evolving marketer needs in those fields.

Raj Choudhury, CEO of BLiNQ Media, said, “It is an honor to be one of the select companies to be named a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with an Ad Technology specialty and a focus on Auto and Retail verticals, because the selections provide BLiNQ Media’s customers in two of the most fiercely competitive categories with key marketing advantages. These recognitions further enable us to increase the effectiveness, innovate and quantify the results of our customers’ social investments in ways those outside the program cannot fulfill.”

Acceptance into the Facebook Marketing Partner Program required BLiNQ to meet the following criteria:

Best-in-class service in its specialty, vertical and country
Contribution of incremental diversification and innovation to the program
Strong alignment with Facebook’s vision and policies
The ability to maintain relationships between clients, Facebook teams and teams at its company to ensure client success
Commitment of resources to keep pace with technology and policy changes related to the Facebook Marketing Partner Program
Demonstration of operations that reflect a transparent business model

Earning a badge for an Ad Technology specialty required BLiNQ to additionally demonstrate:

Its own proprietary technology (not provided through alliance or partnership) built on the Facebook Ads API
Excellent self-serve technology to help marketers execute their Facebook advertising, and achieve success in one or more of the following business objectives:
Online sales
Lead generation
In-store sales
Brand building
Mobile app advertising
That its self-serve technology contains the appropriate feature set to align with one or more of the above business objectives
Market leadership through examples of client success and significant advertising volume


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