Sizmek Ads of the Week January 26th -January 30th


Our ads of the week charge you with rising to the challenge. Whether that means claiming your throne as graffiti artist champion, braving a menacing ice-covered bridge, surviving evil forces in a haunted English manor or mastering our latest ad formats, we ask you to BRING IT!

Advertiser: NBC Universal, Oxygen

Media Agency: Maxus NY

Creative Agency: Mammoth

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

This DIY graffiti unit is an ingenious way to promote Oxygen Media’s new competition series “Street Art Throwdown”. Click to open the unit, then spray, splatter and drip to your heart’s content. You can even share your work on your favorite social platform.

Country: Canada

Advertiser: Nissan

Creative Agency: TBWA

Publisher: MSN Canada

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

This multi-function ad for the Nissan Murano starts off with an adrenaline-filled video that will make you want to head south for the winter. Users can then click through to a six-panel fold-out format for all the features and functionality of this seemingly invincible automobile.

Country: Mexico

Advertiser: Diamond Films

Media Agency: Diamond Films MX

Creative Agency: Diamond Films

Built Using: Sizmek Social

Link to Ad: Click Here

PScary in any language, this chilling ad promotes the recently released The Woman in Black 2- Angel of Death film. This social ad unit includes trailers, photos, a synopsis and plenty of ways to share the shivers.

Campaign Name:
ProthomAlo PowerDivision

Country: Bangladesh

Advertiser: Prothom Alo

Media Agency: Prothom Alo

Creative Agency: Sizmek India


Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

They say great things come in small packages. This couldn’t ring any truer for our interactive dangle ad format. Simply run your mouse over the unsuspecting animation on the top of the screen, and launch a vertical drop down like a window shade. Ta-da!



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