Three Essential Elements to Hit a Home Run in Mobile Advertising


Mobile technology has enabled so many more options for advertisers, offering the unique ability to target consumers in the moment and drive their behavior.  As consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices throughout the purchase process whether they are looking for businesses, researching products and services or making purchases, businesses understand the need to be where their customers are.  Yet for many businesses, how to create an effective mobile campaign is less clear.  Here are three essential elements to hitting a home run in mobile advertising.


Demonstrate consumer utility.

    An overwhelming majority of people today own a smartphone, and many consumers use their phones throughout the purchase process.  Consumers are also connecting to businesses through mobile apps for everything from reading a review to getting directions to finding a deal.  To score, you need to be in the game no matter the size of your business.  That means, reaching consumers where they are already spending their time.  If you don’t have a mobile presence, you can bet your competition does.

    Understand data and location-based information.

      Piecing together pictures of prospective audience targets is possible when you capture and understand data and location-based information. Quality data, such as being able to identify a person’s likes, behaviors and unique hobbies, can inform businesses on consumer habits.  Mobile location data offers more clues, such as proximity to your business location, that can help piece together pictures of prospective audience targets.  People live in different places and have different economic situations, eating habits and shopping habits, and the key is to target not just the place, but the person.  For example, does this user drink coffee regularly?  Do they go to the gym?  Are they a homeowner?  By understanding behavioral patterns, in addition to basic psychographic and demographic data, businesses can target the right audience at the right time and tip them to action.

      Develop insights.

        “Insights” help to inform product development, optimize advertising campaigns and drive results.  What are the insights you need to help drive your business? Think carefully about your buyer’s current path to an actual purchase, work to understand your buyer’s journey and the role of mobile within that process.  Because the majority of purchases are planned, most people will not act immediately upon seeing a mobile ad.  Reach people when they are considering their next shopping trip by providing options such as call a store, find a location or the ability to interact with an offer or coupon.  It all comes down to using a softer sales method by presenting several options that don’t make the consumer feel pressured.

        Mobile is a ripe playing field that provides businesses access to their consumers’ lifestyle, consumption habits, social behavior and real-time transactions.  It truly tells them who their customer is.  By rounding the bases – consumer utility, quality data and valuable insights – businesses can use this knowledge to develop marketing strategies that deliver positive results and help them grow – the ultimate grand slam for success.


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