Sizmek Presents Ads Of The Week: January 12th – January 16th

Inplace #2

An array of perfect pairings ties together our delightfully creative ad picks this week. Whether consumers are looking for that perfect ring, the ideal automobile or a uniquely customized new year’s resolution, these ads create engaging experiences and positive associations for these four global brands.

Country: North America

Advertiser: Tiffany & Co. North America

Media Agency: Tiffany & Co. Global

Creative Agency: Tiffany & Co. Global

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

This version of the dazzling animated ad pairs iconic Tiffany jewelry with New York landmarks, following a happy couple on a tour of the city that never sleeps.

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Fiat

Media Agency: OnTarget TR

Creative Agency: Crep Digital


Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

Whatever your favorite food, preferred travel destination or lifestyle, there’s a zippy Fiat 500 to match your needs and tastes. That’s the concept behind this fun expandable banner. (Even the bride’s shoes match her Fiat!)

Country: France

Advertiser: Hyundai

Media Agency: Havas Digital FR

Creative Agency: Innocean

Built Using: Sizmek Workshop

Link to Ad: Click Here

This ad for the Hyundai i20 weds imaginative urban art and floating hotspots that let you stop the video to explore the car’s features. Retour right where you left off thanks to VPAID Timeline functionality, or visit the Hyundai website for full details. A très chic combination of art and technology!

Country: Turkey

Advertiser: Red Bull

Media Agency: Mediaedge:cia TR

Creative Agency: Sizmek TR

Publisher: Xaxis mobile TR

Built Using: HTML5 Workspace

Link to Ad: Click Here

HTML5 and interactivity come together perfectly in this phenomenal ad experience for Red Bull. The ad lets you customize your own New Year’s resolution and illustrated character to go with it. Click on the ad to enter an interactive microsite where you can choose and customize your character, write your own resolution quote and then share your creations with your friends on social media.