Shazam and Audience Entertainment Partner on Motion-Interactive Content


Shazam and Audience Entertainment today announced a partnership to bring motion-sensitive advertisements to Shazam-enabled screens in locations including concert venues, sports arenas and shopping malls. The partnership will offer new, extended content opportunities to Shazam users.

Shazam’s cutting edge technology will interact with 3D cameras surrounding Shazam-enabled screens at a variety of venues. Screen programming will respond to Shazam users’ movements and gestures, and will be tagged within their Shazam app, extending the content experience and revolutionizing the way people interact with advertisements.

“At Shazam, our goal is to make discovery magical and exciting,” said Rich Riley, CEO, Shazam. “This partnership with Audience Entertainment will create new experiences for Shazam users to interact with their surroundings wherever they are.”

With the rollout of this partnership, Audience Entertainment will run multiple advertiser funded campaigns in 2015. Advertisers will now be able to provide a deeper consumer experience and capture audiences’ attention for longer periods of time. Brands will be able to forge new relationships and connections with consumers through this highly participatory experience with seamless mobile integration.

“Playfully engaging with audiences through entertainment is now possible for advertisers,” said Barry Grieff, CEO, Audience Entertainment. “Through this partnership with Shazam, we’re able to up the ante on a physical advertiser-to-consumer relationship by extending content to users’ mobile devices.”

Today’s announcement marks the next step in Shazam’s expansion into interactive environments and adds to an ever-evolving stable of audio recognition capabilities, including music, television, advertising, cinema and radio.

About Shazam

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular mobile apps that magically connects people to the world around them. Shazam pioneered audio recognition technology that helps people identify music and has grown into an app that effortlessly connects people with artists, TV shows, ads, cinema, radio and retail environments. Shazam has been downloaded over 500 million times, is downloaded over 13 million times a month, and has over 100 million monthly mobile active users. For further information about Shazam Entertainment visit and @Shazam.

About Audience Entertainment

Audience Entertainment is a New York-based entertainment technology company that makes big screens interactive through its proprietary iD (interactive Dimension™) technology that reads and reacts to audience movement. Strategically aligned with Barco Inc (Euronext: BAR) to help create and shape the future of interactive cinema, Audience Entertainment has implemented its technology in movie theaters, arenas, stadiums and concert venues in eight countries and on four continents. The technology has opened new doors in advertising, alternative content, movie trailers and movies. Past clients include brands such as Coca Cola, Disney Cruise Lines, Nokia, Orange Mobile, Samsung, Sony, Volkswagon, and Volvo, among others.


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