How Anyone Can Clean Up Their Email List in Six Easy Steps


No matter what your overall digital marketing strategy is, you can’t undersell the importance of email marketing. And while there are a number of exceptional software programs that do amazing work, there’s always need for a human to get in there and clean up the email list once in a while.

Cleaning up isn’t just a best practice, it’s 100% necessary. Thoroughly cleaning an email list can save you time and annoyance, and in addition, it will help you as you create a stronger email list for the future. You can also utilize your email client or salesforce integration software to manage these kinds of tasks..

Once you have attained email addresses and accomplished your unsubscribes as well as your op-put operation, there are a numerous amount of alternative functions in order to vindicate a clean-email list and to achieve a successful email marketing system.

This method below is ideal for small business owners and the steps will also help you to prepare for better open rates as well as cleaner circulation of all your newsletters including announcements. Before getting started please make note of your subscriber list’s needs as well as the potential security risks you could be making on your and their part.

Assemble a list in Excel with the first name and email address for every bounce back. If you opt to go with a commercial organization, then simply export your existing list for up to a time frame of the past 6 months.

Step 1:

Employ a compacted letter that  states you have been trying to get your email letter or e-zine through, but the problem may occur when the email continues to bounce. This means that the email might be getting caught up in their filter.

Step 2:

Attach a line to that letter that announces something similar please set your spam filter to accept email from your or contact your ISP to ask them to whitelist the succeeding IP address XX.XX.XX.XX so that you will obtain the data you asked within a promising aspect.

Step 3:

Contact your ISP or commercial email network to locate the IPS address of your email server and replace the XX’s above. Send your designed letter to each of the bounce back email addresses independently….but from a manner other than how you normally send your e-zine.

Step 4:

Make a choice whether you want to just junk the email addresses or contact the subscriber by making a phone call if you do in fact have a number for them. Then start an additional Excel file and begin auditing emails which have been sent over a period of time going back 3 to 6 months. You can complete this task making it easier if it is done more often, possibly every quarter. Assemble a record of those emails that did not bounce but were not opened either. Most times people will only browse one of each 3 or 4 printing.

Step 5:

Put together another “very polite” email message that has the certain tone of “just checking in.” From this, you will see if the sent emails have been received. Persuasively encourage a reply. Check to be sure to lead them to your archive division. Hopefully you do have an archive division already in place. Deliver this email again from a system besides the one you normally use, your e-zine from which they are not opening.

Allow seven days or possibly two weeks to pass by then if you have still not have gotten a reply back, contemplate making a phone call to them asking if in fact the emails are coming through. If there is still no answer back, you might decide to omit them from your email list in the future. But it is a good idea not to eliminate them instantly. There possibly can be an alike spam blocker associated issue preventing emails from constantly getting through. After all, not every mail servers are created to send a bounce back.

Step 6:

Record in your contact manager system (Goldmine, Act) that you have purged an email address from your broadcast email network. By doing this you will have an approach if the person does call by phone, you can spiel the importance of obtaining your e-letter and get them added once again to your active list.

There you have it. I know it’s a time consuming process, but it will pay off dividends in maintained leads and email CTRs.

At the end of the day keeping up with the right technology is what makes the difference. For example moving to the cloud may prove to be a disruptive email management best practice. In fact, according to a recent survey by SolarWinds, 37% of respondents said that their companies plan on hosting their email applications in cloud in the next 3 years.

Take these six steps to clean up your email lists and find ways to innovate the process.



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