As Yahoo Changes Its Ad Business Strategy, Could It Be Shutting Down Right Media Exchange?

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Could this be an end of an era? It seems so.

Citing “several sources,” AdExchanger has reported that Yahoo is shutting down Right Media Exchange “for all non-Yahoo owned and operated networks and publishers.” Not exactly surprising news, considering RMX impression volume has been very low for months after years of customer attrition on the supply side. Advertiser demand too has suffered, according to AdExchanger, as buy-side partners have reacted to declining quality in the marketplace.

However, it’s still not sure whether or not this shuttering is the latest in a string of failed ad tech acquisitions for Yahoo, or a step toward fulfilling CEO Marissa Mayer’s dream of turning the company into a destination for premium advertising.

App analytics company Flurry, which Yahoo acquired last July, could be a strategic part of Yahoo’s post-RMX plan. As The Information reported this week, Yahoo wants to merge Flurry with its Gemini self-serve marketplace for mobile ads, creating an exchange-like platform for app inventory. Yahoo has so far declined to confirm the plan, leading analysts to speculate on the future of the how the company plans to move forward.