BrightRoll Insights Introduces Advanced Research and Reporting for Programmatic Video

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Today, BrightRoll announced global availability of advanced research and reporting through BrightRoll insights, which shows advertisers the full impact of their video advertising campaigns. Available via the company’s programmatic buying console, BrightRoll insights offers a rich view of campaign results in a fully customizable dashboard that highlights performance, audience composition, brand lift, social lift and custom research, all at no additional cost.

BrightRoll insights puts advertisers in control to monitor the impact of their programmatic video advertising efforts, enabling them to become better video experts and exceed their campaign goals. The dashboard is designed to create a personalized experience for the advertiser around their unique brand and workflow preferences and allows them to access video campaign insights in a single user interface. As a result, advertisers can deep-dive into the full picture of each campaign and identify how to make most of their media spend, while driving viewers through the decisioning funnel.

BrightRoll insights provides advertisers with a health scorecard for their programmatic video advertising campaigns. Key features of the dashboard include:

  • Performance: Provides detailed campaign metrics — including impressions, conversions, viewability, media cost, and more — in a customizable interface with easy-to-read and easy-to-share visuals so advertisers can make better campaign optimization decisions.
  • Audience composition: Reports on ad delivery to target audiences with third-party, verified audience measurement data from comScore and Nielsen. Advertisers gather meaningful insights about unique viewers, frequency, GRPs and demographic composition to validate the ROI of their brand building campaigns.
  • Brand lift: Displays a campaign’s upper funnel impact based on results from a customizable online survey from BrightRoll or a third-party. With access to control and exposed results, as well as creative and frequency performance, advertisers can optimize for brand awareness, brand perception, message recall and/or purchase intent.
  • Social lift: Monitors the impact of video campaigns based on social media conversations so advertisers can identify trends and take action to amplify their message in real-time.
  • Custom research: Delivers offline purchase behavior, online behavior or long-form survey results from a campaign so advertisers can measure and optimize campaign impact.

“In developing BrightRoll insights, we listened to our advertising customers’ goals and developed a customizable lens on their key results. We want to help advertisers get the most out of their programmatic video advertising campaigns,” said Guy Yalif, VP Global Marketing, BrightRoll. “Advertisers will save time and better optimize their video investments towards brand lift, audience composition, and social goals with BrightRoll insights, which is available at no additional cost.”