Seasonality Hurts Metrics: The Impact of the Holiday Season on B2B Marketers


The holiday season impacts business of different types in a variety of different ways. Of course, as the holiday season approaches, the media focuses on the impact seasonal shoppers are having on retail stores. Despite the focus on the retail industry during the holiday season, other types of businesses also are impacted by the holidays. These include B2B marketers that actually experience a negative impact on their metrics as a general rule during the holiday season.

General Data Analysis, B2B Marketers and the Holiday Season

Any excel dashboard showing data analytics will reveal that business owners, managers and operators nearly universally turn their attention away from investing in B2B products and services. Analysis of market trends reveal two primary reasons for this decrease. First, year end budgetary constraints typically limit what is available to expend on B2B related products and services. By happenstance, this coincides with the major holiday season.

Second, business owners, operators and managers are more focused on personal issues and family matters during the holiday season. On a related note, smaller enterprises tend to limit business related expenditures to ensure that funds are available to cover holiday related expenses.

Industry Wide Issue

Many B2B marketers express tremendous concern about the slump in their business around the holiday season. More than a few make mention that they feel that they have been deserted on an island — lost and rather alone.

The reality of existing and prospective customers becoming far less interested business software and other B2B products (and services) is not isolated. In other words, while a B2B marketer experiences a drop of in patronage, that marketer must bear in mind that he or she is far from alone.

The negative impact the holiday season has on metrics in the B2B arena is widespread. In point of fact, not only is a specific business not alone when it comes to the seasonable patronage drop around the holidays, it is an industry wide issue impacting virtually any and all B2B marketers.

Bracing for the Downturn: Talking a Proactive Stance

When it comes to the negative impact the holiday season has on the metrics of a B2B marketer — indeed, the industry as a whole — the real issue never has been whether or not it is going to occur. Rather, the issue is how significant the seasonal downturn in the sales of B2B products and services will be during a particular holiday season.

Because the seasonal downturn is all but guaranteed, the key for a B2B marketer is to be as proactive as possible. For example, when addressing the company budget for a particular year, attention must be paid to financially planning around the holiday seasonal downturn.

Patron Enticements During the Holiday Season

As mentioned previously, a B2B marketer needs to keep in mind that the overall interest in its products and services decline during the holiday season. Thus, there are only a limited number of strategies that can be employed to entice potential patrons to make purchases of B2B related products and services during the months of November and December (and into January of the coming year).

The obvious solution is to mark down the prices of products and services during the holiday season. With that said, a B2B marketer must keep sight of the fact that short of giving away the store — which is not advisable — even seasonal price reductions are not likely enough to significantly increase sales over the holidays.

With that recognized, proactive budgeting and price reductions can work together as a means of at least generally improving the overall cash flow of a B2B marketing enterprise during the holidays.


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