Parllay Unveils Comprehensive Content Marketing & Social Merchandising Ecosystem


Parllay, the brand and audience engagement company, today announced general availability of its social marketing ecosystem of products including Parllay Studio and Parllay Channels. Parllay Studio is a complete content marketing and trend Intelligence platform powered by a semantic knowledge engine. Parllay Channels is a content aggregation, product discovery and loyalty marketing platform that helps brands close the loop from social engagement to sales.

“The Parllay ecosystem of products helps brands cut through the social clutter and establish meaningful relationships with their customers and build branded communities at scale,” said Tarek Najm, CEO and founder of Parllay. “As a team of former data mining, advertising and knowledge engineering executives, we saw an opportunity to usher in a new wave of products to close-the-loop from content discovery and marketing to merchandising.”

Over the last several years, the social marketing industry has grown into a plethora of fragmented and siloed tools that cover publishing, monitoring, campaigns, advocacy, content curation and social hub creation. As marketers’ needs grew over time, major vendors embarked on feature unification through acquisitions. While basic consolidation delivered more options, it did not lend itself to tight data integration, significant cost-savings or innovative sophistication.

Introducing Parllay Studio & Parllay Channels

In this era of audience-centric social experiences, real-time conversational marketing hinges on brands’ ability to continually deliver engaging content and measure its impact on brand and product perceptions.

Parllay Studio, powered by semantic intelligence, provides marketers and agencies a comprehensive dashboard for trend intelligence, content discovery and publishing.

Features of Parllay Studio include:

  • Social Pulse. A visual dashboard of trending online stories powered by a searchable index of categories, topics, stories and entities. Brands can easily and semantically explore thousands of current stories across a taxonomy of categories to find topics of interest to share with consumers.
  • Instant Insights. In-the-moment conversation analysis of ad hoc queries. Gives brands a real-time glimpse into audience segments and opinions related to topics of interest.
  • Interactive Campaigns. Launch activity-based campaigns to acquire, retain or reward customers. Brands can select from a gallery of custom templates including coupons, sweepstakes, surveys, quizzes, puzzles, mini-games or questions. Maximize consumer engagement by targeting/retargeting specific audience segments or Parllay network members.
  • Social Listening & Intelligence. Sift through millions of sources and social conversations to derive insights about what customers are saying about brands, products and competitors. Slice and dice data over time to discover trends and learn about consumer opinions, sentiment, top influencers and audience demographics.
  • Streams. Manage brands’ social streams from a single dashboard. Marketers can monitor, respond, assign tasks, route messages and collaborate with team members to plan social campaigns across popular social networks.
  • Interactive Calendar. Publish, schedule and manage brands’ messages and distribution across channels from a single dashboard. Delegate or assign tasks to team members and keep teams up-to-date on campaign status and approvals.
  • Analytics. Review campaign performance across social channels. Summarize, export, pivot and optimize social network campaigns over time.

Parllay Channels helps businesses build branded communities with their owned media. Using Parllay Channels, brands can create dynamic social hubs using their aggregated social content, user-generated content, campaigns and loyalty rewards programs.

The channels create a value exchange paradigm that promotes informational, emotional and monetary value for both brands and consumers. For the consumer, the informational value is from brand content; the emotional value is from serendipitous discovery of content; and the monetary value is from perks and product discounts. For brands, the informational value is from audience intelligence; the emotional value is from creating branded communities; and the monetary value is from the sales.

Parllay Channels is the first platform that truly closes the loop from social engagement to sales by integrating social loyalty and rewards into brands’ checkout process both online and offline.

Features of Parllay Channels include:

  • Stunning Content Hub. Create a dynamic visual destination and increase dwell time over 300% by infusing user-generated and discovered content with brands’ own aggregated social content.
  • Loyalty & Rewards Program. Create a point-based loyalty program and reward customers for their participation and influence.
  • Social CRM. Delight customers with personalized messages, promotions and campaigns in real-time with advanced audience targeting.
  • Tap Ins. Brands can create moments of fun for their customers, choosing from Parllay’s library of fully customizable, gamified, social and mobile campaigns.
  • Semantic Explorer. Customers browsing hubs encounter a novel blending of user-generated and branded editorial content, discovering new and engaging content online. The semantic explorer is powered by Parllay’s semantic knowledge engine.
  • Audience Intelligence. Brands gain unprecedented visibility into their audiences with Parllay’s sophisticated and intelligent analytics.


Cloud-based subscriptions start at $500 per month. Parllay also offers an agency pricing model to help manage multiple brand accounts. Contact Parllay at for more information.

About Parllay

Parllay is a brand and audience engagement company building enterprise and consumer platforms for a social mobile world. Parllay’s portfolio of products for large brands and SMBs include: Parllay Studio, a unified trend intelligence and content marketing platform as well as Parllay Channels, a content aggregation and loyalty marketing platform. Established in 2011 by a team of former Microsoft advertising and data mining executives, Parllay helps brands unlock the potential of social marketing. For more information, please visit


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