MeUndies Bares The Secret To Obtaining Millennial Appeal


Don’t get your shorts in a twist! If you haven’t heard of MeUndies it maybe because you have all the underwear you need…or advertising on porn sites, posting videos too racy for us to even describe accurately and using slightly disreputable celebs as brand ambassadors isn’t something on your radar.

But that’s the approach that this undergarment company has embraced–soft core for the ultra-soft beech-tree derived fabric that they use for their undies, briefs, sweatpants and t-shirts. And now? If you live in LA (why are we not surprised that it is LA) they’ll deliver them to your door in an hour! Seems you might find yourself in a situation where the undies you have just won’t cut it for the activities that are about to happen. We mean, why else would a delivery service work? But we gotta ask: How often can that even come up?

Doesn’t matter. According to the CEO of the company, Bryan Lalezerian, during its brief history–MeUndies was founded in December 2011–the company has tried to achieve an OMNIplatform approach to sales. They are all over online. “It’s s about constantly pushing the limits and leading the pack with innovation, unique partnerships and delivering a level of service that is beyond the status quo,” he says.

And the younger crowd loves it. This month they had more than 160,000 Facebook Likes; 89,000 Twitter followers and 29,000 Instagram followers. So does the reporting side of the digital ad biz: MeUndies has gotten more press because of the home delivery than it would ever afford to buy!

So this news comes with a challenge to all digital advertisers and marketers: Discover what electrifies your target audience. Innovate. Amuse. And push the envelope.


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