MediaBrix Brings Sound and Haptics to In-App Mobile Branding Ads


MediaBrix announced today its plan to apply sound and haptics to in-app mobile branding ads. This new functionality will be added to the company’s Breakthrough Moments™ (BTMs™) product suite to boost brand awareness and campaign performance in mobile ads for brands.

“For all its promise, mobile ad technology isn’t utilizing mobile device hardware to its full potential,” said Ari Brandt, CEO and Co-founder, MediaBrix. “With the addition of sound and haptics, MediaBrix is helping brands leverage mobile hardware to its true potential, allowing brands to create immersive, personal and memorable user experiences, which engage people on an emotional level.”

Brandt assures that the sound and haptics are embedded in the product and not part of the brand’s creative. This announcement serves to extend the MediaBrix technology platform for humanizing advertising by connecting brands with people during emotional moments. Industry research supports this move.

According to independent third-party research provider Vizu, lift in brand awareness for products featuring sound spiked as high as 100 percent, while additional tests revealed that other sound enhanced product performance metrics increased by as much as 40 percent.

“MediaBrix ads are only deployed at very specific moments within a users activity,” said Brandt. “Nothing is constant or done at high frequency.  As with any ad format, brands must be careful not to disrupt and annoy viewers – that’s the first priority for MediaBrix. All of the products we have developed  that include sensory marketing features have been tested to ensure they’re additive to the user experience.”

Prior to releasing the new emotional sensory technology, MediaBrix worked with sound engineers to research the impact that sound has on human emotion and memory as well as the mapping of specific sounds back to BTMs™ and placement within the ad products. As part of its research efforts, MediaBrix considered how specific sound vectors such as duration, frequency, tone, and volume influence people’s specific emotions and emotional levels. Through this process, MediaBrix was able to identify specific sounds, BTMs™ and placements within its ad products that best reinforce brand connections to the individual.  Brandt explains that sensory experience is subtle but effective.

“If users want to opt out of these features they can silence their device as they would with any other mobile application leveraging sound and haptics,” he said.

The new sensory elements will further enhance MediaBrix’s performance among mobile BTMs™, which already achieve engagement metrics much as 543 times what other ad formats can deliver. Additional tests found that sound lifted BTMs™ campaign performance as follows:

  • Increased mobile reward opt-in rates by 16 percent
  • Increased mobile share rates by 14 percent
  • Increased mobile CTRs by 10 percent

Given the positive research-driven results, the company is now in the process of deploying this technology across its entire mobile advertising product suite, including:

  • Reward BTMs™ – Moments when users are feeling ecstatic about their high achievement or personal best, Reward BTMs™ empower brands to gift and connect with users during this positive moment. View the demo.
  • Rescue BTMs™ – Moments when users are feeling defeated, frustrated or in need of help, Rescue BTMs™ offer brands the chance to relieve those feelings and be the hero by supporting players in need. View the demo.
  • Rally BTMs™ – Moments where users are presented with words of encouragement, as they are motivated to do better. View the demo.

MediaBrix consulted industry experts when testing the sensory features for its mobile ads, including Roger Dooley, an expert on the subject of using brain science and sensory stimuli in marketing and sales. Dooley is the author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing, the popular blog Neuromarketing and Brainy Marketing at Forbes.

“Neuromarketing research shows us that consumer brand recall is greater when multiple senses are engaged,” said Dooley. “MediaBrix is enhancing game and app user experience on mobile devices by stimulating their sense of hearing, sight and touch—and, at the same time, increasing positive brand awareness.”

Brandt believes that this is just the beginning of brands exploring what sensory elements appeal to people’s emotions to create memorable, engaging experiences.

“We’re continuing our mission to humanize brand advertising by putting the users’ emotions first. With the addition of sound and haptics to our already industry best performing products we are enabling a brand’s ability to stimulate three senses—hearing, sight and touch,” said Brandt. “Going forward, we will continue to develop specific technology that further enhances emotional connections, increasing the performance of mobile branding campaigns and facilitating true people-to-brand connections.”


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