CPG Brands Drive Sales With Location-Powered Mobile Ads (Infographic)


Today, Verve released a new infographic on how CPG is using location-aware ad creative to drive food traffic and visit frequency.

“From beauty products to batteries, it’s clear that location-aware creative is driving foot traffic and frequency lift in the CPG vertical and shows no sign of slowing down as we enter 2015,” said John Haake, CMO of Verve.

The infographic below shows that:

  • CPG, currently the third largest location-powered advertising vertical, is the fastest growing category in location-powered advertising, and on course to spend heavily in the space in 2015.
  • While B2C CPGs largely focus on increasing awareness, building loyalty, augmenting existing sponsorships and campaigns, and driving reach for brands’ key psychographic and demographic consumer, B2B (Shopper Marketing) efforts focus largely on reaching in-market shoppers, promoting incentives and driving foot traffic to local retail partners.
  • By combining device-level product purchase data – for audience targeting – with precise proximity targeting, CPGs can ensure that ads are served along the consumer’s path to purchase, with granularity beyond what is offered by (online) cookies, generating lift in foot traffic and in visit frequency for retailers.

More insights can be found on Verve’s website.


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