BrightRoll Launches Partner Program to Grow the Video Ad Ecosystem


BrightRoll, the industry’s leading programmatic video advertising platform, announced the launch of the BrightRoll partner program, a consortium of technology and data companies bringing advanced capabilities to the video ad ecosystem. Participants in the program provide a broad range of tools and insights to help marketers improve the efficacy of their programmatic video advertising campaigns, including audience targeting, creative development and delivery, measurement and validation, and technology infrastructure.

“We established the BrightRoll partner program to ensure marketers have access to best-in-class products and services to maximize the efficiency of their video advertising campaigns,” said Brent Horowitz, VP of Business Development, BrightRoll. “The program allows partner members to improve the effectiveness of their own services on our platform, and in turn, pass those benefits on to the programmatic video advertising ecosystem. We believe this addresses our clients’ individual needs and helps advance the industry as a whole.”

The BrightRoll partner program showcases the company’s strategy to grow the video advertising marketplace through a vibrant community. At launch, the program includes more than 100 companies including industry-leading platinum partners Oracle BlueKai, comScore, Datalogix, Equinix, eXelate, Innovid, Moat and Nielsen.

Benefits to partners and marketers

The BrightRoll partner program offers a wide range of resources, training, analyses and support to help partner members grow their business. Participating companies are segmented into three tiers based on level of integration and degree of partnership with BrightRoll’s platform:

●        Platinum Status: companies offering services that are deeply integrated into BrightRoll’s end-to-end workflow, enabling seamless access to partner solutions that increase campaign efficacy.

●        Gold Status: companies offering services that are easily accessible on the BrightRoll platform, providing solutions that increase campaign effectiveness.

●        Enabled Status: companies whose solutions can be utilized on the BrightRoll platform.

The program allows marketers to utilize the BrightRoll platform more effectively by providing:

●        Guidance and insight on products and services that best meet marketers’ needs.

●        A central repository housing partner product information, documentation and marketing materials.

●        Industry-leading technology and data to improve campaign performance and ROI.

BrightRoll’s program will expand over time to include additional types of video-related services and new forms of collaboration with member companies. To connect with the BrightRoll partner program, email: For more information, please visit:

Support from BrightRoll platinum partners

“We applaud BrightRoll’s commitment to advancing the digital video ad market through the launch of this program,” stated Anne Hunter, SVP Global Marketing Strategy at comScore. “Our deep partnership with BrightRoll enables our clients drive a stronger ROI from their digital video investments with greater efficiency, and as a platinum partner, we look forward to continuing to bring increased confidence in online video advertising through measurement from comScore validated Campaign Essentials.”

“We’re thrilled to be named as a platinum partner of BrightRoll’s partner program,” said John Dempsey, VP of Mobile and Video at Datalogix. “BrightRoll’s industry-leading programmatic video ad platform coupled with Datalogix’s rich data asset will enable brand marketers to execute purchase-based audience targeting across screens to drive real sales results.”

“The video advertising market is primed for dramatic growth in the coming years, and Equinix’s Ad-IX platform helps key players in the real-time bidding ecosystem locate their infrastructure in close proximity and interconnect to achieve more effective bidding on the right type of inventory,” said Jim Poole, vice president, Global Service Provider, Equinix. “Our partnership with BrightRoll enables us to jointly optimize RTB ad transactions by centralizing this community in key data hubs around the world and we look forward to continued success.”

“The combination of BrightRoll’s programmatic video ad platform coupled with eXelate’s enterprise–grade data eXchange and data management solutions delivers enormous value across the ecosystem, due to the volume and speed of data emerging as the key competitive advantage,” said Julie Ginches, CMO of eXelate. “We have repeatedly proven that our customer data solutions are the leading choice for the global marketing ecosystem of companies that demand scale, accuracy, cross channel and real time results that impact marketing ROI and BrightRoll continues to be a great partner who shares our vision for the industry.”

“BrightRoll is and continues to be a very special partner for Innovid, and we’re honored to have achieved platinum status,” says Zvika Netter, CEO and co-founder of Innovid. “Our strategic integration constantly pushes interactive video innovation across multiple devices, and helps our advertisers achieve closer relationships with their consumers.”

“Moat is honored to be selected as a platinum partner for BrightRoll. We continue to be impressed with the BrightRoll products, platforms, and most importantly the incredible BrightRoll teams that make it all work,” said Jonah Goodhart, CEO and co-founder of Moat. “We are pleased to be BrightRoll’s always-on partner for measuring viewability, AVOC, and other video attention signals as well as powering Attention Segments in BrightRoll, and we look forward to working with BrightRoll for years to come to provide marketers with the best end-to-end viewability solutions.”

“We value our relationship with BrightRoll and are excited to be recognized as a platinum partner in BrightRoll’s partner program,” says Andrew Feigenson, managing director, Digital, Nielsen. “Through this relationship, we’ll continue to bring enhanced capabilities and real-time reporting via Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to help BrightRoll advertisers measure the full impact of their video ad campaigns.”


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