Brightroll Infographic Shows What Advertisers Can Do To Protect Themselves From Ad Traffic Fraud


A continuing problem, ad traffic fraud which costs marketers billions of dollars every year.  Fraudsters used to use actual humans (i.e. click farms) to generate false traffic, but now automated bots have taken over and have become harder to detect.

Brightroll has released an infographic titled “Attack of the Bots” on how advertisers can protect themselves from the dreaded fraud traffic nightmare. The company suggests using accredited, third-party verification services to validate that campaigns are being delivered to humans.  By looking at companies that are not involved in the buying and selling of media, advertisers are giving themselves a referee who isn’t playing the game. Another useful tip is to establish what audience marketers want for their campaigns, so it can be cleared that it has been reached. Defining goals is important, and gives the campaign a target that is an audience and not just an impression.

More tips can be seen in the graphic below:

For more graphics, check out Brightroll’s site.


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