Alex White on 2015 Predictions: “Fraud Will Unfortunately Still Be With Us”


With 2014 coming to an end, many industry leaders are sharing their predictions and what they expect from 2015. Alex White, VP Product Strategy at Sizmek, shares his thoughts on the new year ahead.

1.      Fraud will unfortunately still be with us next year, but we will hear less about it.  The cat and mouse game will continue, as more sophisticated fraud solutions are developed to combat hackers’ best efforts but the technology will advance making it more difficult for fraudsters to succeed. People will understand better how to detect and prevent fraud, replacing hysteria with an element of fraud prevention and control.

2.      Brands will start to take data in-house as advertisers claim ownership of their data. All touchpoints with the customer including CRM data, online purchases, and responses to online ads will be tracked and analyzed to enable marketers to create more cohesive customer experiences.  Big data will become a bigger factor in online advertising leveraging information in the enterprise to increase ad effectiveness.

3.      In 2015, we will see a number of well executed campaigns that take advantage of available data to build engaging stories across devices.  As technology will remove the barriers preventing the serving of campaigns across channels, marketers will start applying creativity to multiple canvases with rich engaging campaigns reaching audiences across all of their screens.

4.      According to eMarketer, nearly nine in 10 respondents of a survey cite receiving coupons and special offers as a good enough reason to be tracked by advertisers overriding any concerns about personal privacy.  Next year, more shoppers who receive ads on their mobile devices will be automatically directed to the closest physical store with a relevant coupon to be redeemed at a local store.

5.      Shorter checkout time is the dream of every shopper, and in 2015 more and more brands will partner with mobile payment companies to benefit from the added convenience.  Along with the 220,000 merchants that currently accept contactless payments, there’s also a bevy of brands partnering with Apple to begin accepting Apple Pay, including Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Staples, Walgreens, and McDonald’s, which is adding the payment system within its restaurant locations as well as to its drive-thrus. This trend will continue in 2015 making mobile even more attractive to advertisers


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