Adweek Announces Global, United States and Digital Agencies of the Year for 2014


In the annual cover and feature, Adweek announced its picks for Agency of the Year — Global, U.S. and Digital.

Taking the top spot, BBDO’s Tenacity Turned a Major Client Loss Into a Minor Setback. Even for indefatigable account man Andrew Robertson, BBDO’s global loss of Gillette’s men’s product line in 2013 was devastating. After the search began in September 2012, BBDO staffers worked long days, nights and weekends to save the business, undeterred by New York City’s turmoil following Hurricane Sandy and personal priorities around the holidays.

“The P&G outcome was tough, a real body blow,” Robertson remembers. “It came at the end of an intense pitching process, and it was incredibly draining. But as painful as it was, the sun comes up the next day, you pick yourself up and go out and replace the business.”

Which is exactly what BBDO did, with persistence and optimism, earning it recognition as Adweek’s Global Agency of the Year for 2014.

For U.S. Agency of the Year, A Maturing Droga5 Still Hasn’t Lost Its Edge. With a broader range and bigger ideas, the shop only seems to get better.

“We’re an industry that for many decades used to look at things that when we finished producing something, you put a bow around it and it was done,” says agency creative chairman David Droga. “Now we spend a great deal of time thinking about where it’s going to go, why would anyone care, what are the ramifications of it—just really trying to map out [a plan], as opposed to putting it out somewhere and just hoping that people would like it or hoping that it sticks. …”

And, for Digital Agency of the Year, Adweek looks at How R/GA Dominated Digital by Finding Its TV Groove.

“We’ve created not just great TV and video work, but also we’ve done it, finally, on our terms,” says Global Chief Creative oOfficer Nick Law. “We have an approach to that sort of advertising, which would distinguish us from the Wiedens and Drogas, all the best companies that we’ve always respected in that space. We’ve reached their quality, but I think we’ve done it approaching the whole problem of TV advertising differently … which comes from the fact that we came up through social and more sort of digital channels. …”


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