Where is PPC Advertising Going?


Pay per click marketing is used by many companies as a way to sell their products or services and target buying customers. It is probably considered one of the quickest ways for a business to get up and running online and is usually used first by individuals or companies who want to start selling immediately.It’s also an effective tool to help businesses tell their story quicker.

The other alternative is search engine optimization, but utilizing that strategy can take a considerable amount of time to build a good foundation. However, like SEO, PPC marketing has pros and cons that should be looked at before a company decides to take the plunge.

PPC Marketing Pros

Targeted Keywords and Control

One of the main advantages of using PPC marketing is that a company can target specific keywords. This offers quick results and can bring in highly targeted visitors who have dollars to spend. Thousands of keywords and keyword phrases can be utilized to pump up ROI. With SEO, it’s more difficult to predict, track and change the user experience. A webmaster does not have the ability to easily target keywords for search engine optimization and, search engines may not always display certain pages in specific spots on the search engine listings pages. With PPC, that aspect is controlled.


PPC allows a company to budget the amount of ad dollars that they want to spend each day. Once a budget limit has been reached, the company’s advertisements will stop running. This allows a company to calculate its budget and know exactly where it’s ad dollars are going. Also, the ROI can be quite lucrative if a company has a keyword combination and product that creates large margins. With budgeting, a company can be aggressive or pull back the reigns and not have to worry about spending more than their budget allows.

Targeting Specific Regions

As with all things, technology enhances marketing efforts, but great ads don’t always equal profits. If an advertisement is never seen by a targeted market, it’s useless. With PPC, companies can alleviate that challenge by choosing specific regions to show their ads. Local, national or international regions can be highly targeted. This is extremely helpful for a company that wants to sell a service only to local customers. Without the ability to set parameters, the ad could show for uninterested international markets.

PPC Marketing Cons

Cost and Click Fraud

Pay per click marketing can cost an extremely large amount of money if a company is unfamiliar with the process. For this reason, many businesses still shy away from using PPC. Also, there is always the threat of click fraud. It occurs when a competitor decides to get nasty and use different IP addresses to make clicks on ads represented by the competition. This can rack up expenses fast for traffic that is virtually useless.

PPC Learning Curve

The intricacies of pay per click marketing can be complicated if a person has never used the platform. There are many variables involved with PPC, and many companies find it more complex than other online advertising strategies. Advertising copy must be tested and placing bids can be quite tricky. In markets such as finance or insurance, one click can cost double digits. Using an automated dashboard software or data analyzation tool is a life saver for PPC new comers.

PPC Ads End

Search engine optimization created by an SEO company will build on itself. As long as a website stays online, keywords that have been optimized will continue to work. Of course, SEO does require some continued maintenance, but it will act as a strong foundation for a long time. This is totally opposite with PPC. Once a budget runs dry, ads are turned off. This may not be a problem for companies that have very large budgets and can test different markets, but for cash-strapped businesses, they must work even harder to make sure that their advertisements work before their budgeted money runs out.

With all its pros and cons, PPC is definitely here to stay. While it does have a learning curve and costs money, having the ability to quickly target, track and analyze markets is an advantage that just can’t be beat. For companies that are contemplating PPC for their advertising, it may be best to trust the expertise of a professional firm that handles pay per click advertising.


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