The Digital Ad Model is Broken But Strategic Creativity Can Fix It


All successful advertising is comprised of two key components: a great creative concept and a powerful business solution.  These elements are inseparable.  In fact, if done correctly, it’s nearly impossible to determine where one ends and the other begins.

And yet, at most agencies today, creative and strategic thinking are treated as two distinct disciplines with two distinct outputs.  Naked approaches the creative solution process from a wholly different perspective.  We call this approach Strategic Creativity.

What is Strategic Creativity?

Advertising agencies have created a false dichotomy between strategic and creative thinking – a dichotomy often reinforced by the baton pass known as the Creative Ideation process.  At Naked, we have built our structure and process around Strategic Creativity, the seamless integration of the two key aspects of creating great work.  We bring together digitally savvy strategists and creatives and make them co-owners of the entire problem solving process.  The result?  Bold creative ideas that have a measurable impact on our client’s businesses.

The Proof is in the Work

Naked was recently awarded the prestigious Cannes Chimera award for the second straight year.  The Cannes Chimera is a joint initiative between the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that was created to use the creativity and problem-solving abilities of the communications industries for good on a global scale.  Over 900 applicants answered the call for a concept that could change the world, focusing on Millennials and embracing technology and interconnectivity.  Naked’s award winning idea is called Watch for Good.  Today, as pre-roll and interruptive video ads become more pervasive, ‘skip’ functionality is increasingly common as a way of ameliorating viewer frustration. This initiative partners with providers to add another option to their ad format – ‘Watch For Good’. By pressing the ‘Watch For Good’ button instead of ‘skip’, they watch the ad in full. The advertiser pays the same pay-per-view cost, but the publisher shares this, donating a defined portion of it to the Watch For Good fund, which then invests in various altruistic projects.

This idea and others like it were made possible in large part by Naked’s unique approach to problem solving. From the type of people we hire, to the final product we produce, a commitment to Strategic Creativity guides everything we do.

Brilliant Misfits break the mold

Agencies have created a structure that segments talent into specific boxes, leading to silos, crowded conference rooms and a loss of focus. We hire thinkers that bridge both aspects – creative strategists and strategic creatives.  They are a rare bunch who we affectionately call “brilliant misfits,” and they allow us to apply both disciplines iteratively and dynamically, in a process that owes as much to agile software development as it does to improvisational jazz.

Moving from Thinking to Making

Strategic Creativity focuses on tangible outputs at every point in the process.  We give our staff the permission to think, make, try, break, think and make again in rapid cycles.  Production involvement is crucial throughout the process and it gives us the opportunity to deliver prototypes not powerpoints.

As a creative solutions company powered by Strategic Creativity, we believe that we can make advertising greater than the sum of its parts and solve real business problems on a global scale.


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