Exponential Study Reveals Ways Marketers Can Entice Holiday Shoppers


Who is the typical Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopper and how can marketers best reach them? There may actually be an answer.

To figure it out leading advertising intelligence provider Exponential, crunched more than 2 billion daily user interactions across its ad network, which currently reaches more than 450 million users globally, to determine the interests of these shoppers.

“The ability to discover audience insights is key to reaching – and more importantly, engaging – with your customers,” says Bryan Melmed, VP, insights services at Exponential. “Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers are in-market and eager to interact with your brand. Marketers would be wise to know exactly when, where and how they should engage with these consumers using granular interest-based data.”

Compared to the average internet user, Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shoppers are:

·         11.7x more interested in customer loyalty programs

·         11x more interested in charitable giving

·         7.8x more interested in gambling

·         5.2x more interested in video games

·         8.8x more likely to research storage and organization furniture

Check out Exponential’s infographic below that provides add’l insights and tips on marketing to this coveted group of shoppers.

Check out more from Exponential here.


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