Bloomberg Partners with adMarketplace As Exclusive Paid Search Partner


Today, financial, economic and stock news company Bloomberg annouced that it has selected adMarketplace to provide paid search advertising alongside search results. adMarketplace will serve targeted text ads from leading brand advertisers in response to user search queries. This exclusive partnership replaces Bloomberg’s previous relationship with Google AdSense for Search.

adMarketplace aims to offer Bloomberg increased flexibility to improve user experience, as well as data insights about its audience interests. The search partner platform offers publishers high-yielding monetization along with comprehensive, real-time reporting on user queries. The Bloomberg partnership will also drive value for adMarketplace’s advertisers.

“Bloomberg is one of the most respected financial media outlets in the world. We are thrilled to introduce this traffic into our marketplace through an exclusive publisher partnership,” said adMarketplace CEO Jamie Hill. “Whenever a user searches on Bloomberg, we will serve the most relevant ad in our system. We have great ads. Bloomberg has great traffic. It’s a strong fit.”

Bloomberg News publishes nearly 5,000 articles a day, and reaches over 24 million readers per month. adMarketplace will help performance advertisers reach high net worth readers who search on the site. Bloomberg expects that the combination of adMarketplace’s proprietary technology and strong advertiser base will deliver superior yield.

“We work with Fortune 500 advertisers, so we can provide publishers with relevant ads from brands that their readers trust,” said Hill.

According to Hill, what differentiates adMarketplace from the rest of the market is that their publisher platform is designed to offer implementation flexibility, especially for mobile, and data transparency that publishers were not seeing elsewhere in the industry.

“Our technology platform, and our ability to aggregate and act on natural search data in real time allows us to accurately match the right advertisement to Bloomberg search traffic,” Hill explained. “We expect to see exceptional performance for many of our large, direct advertisers on Bloomberg and look forward to a fruitful partnership with this publisher.”

Always looking to expand their search partner network, adMarketplace has recently partnered with Blekko and Ebay Classifieds, which own a variety of properties. Even with their relationships with high-end advertisers, Hill knows there’s room for growth in the paid search market.

“Search marketers need to start thinking beyond the keyword,” said Hill. “Users are expressing intent in a variety of different ways now and the industry is just beginning to understand what this means for online advertising, particularly for direct response. Keywords used to offer the best insight into intent. Now we also have other signals like weather, location, “liked” and “pinned” posts or photos, or even a simple action like swiping. Search advertising companies that can figure out how to monetize all of these different intent signals will thrive.”


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