Blab CEO Randy Browning On Predicting Online Trends: Intelligence Is Key


Blab Inc.,the predictive analytics tool that optimizes brand engagement by predicting meaningful relevant online conversations up to 72 hours in advance, announced earlier this week it has partnered with Razorfish, one of the fastest-growing digital and technology agencies.  As a result of the relationship, Blab now lives inside Razorfish WAVE, the agency’s proprietary real-time marketing tool with social listening and real-time response capabilities. Razorfish has immediately deployed Blab into live client campaigns.

Being one of the few companies to use predictive analytics, Blab’s CEO Randy Browning sat down with Adotas to talk more about the the secrets of real-time marketing in the digital age.

Question: How can companies Predict Online Trends?

Randy Browning: To discover the zeitgeist of a topic and its potential impact, seed terms are used to discover both obvious and non-obvious conversations. Blab proprietary software then patterns and predicts which online conversations will trend up or down, by volume and channel. It also analyzes and associates text of 100 million conversations per day across all languages, including images and videos across thousands of real-time data sources (50,000 content platforms).

Question: What are some examples of companies successfully latching on to trending topics and organically including themselves into conversations?

Randy Browning: Blab is used by Fortune 1000 companies and licensed by agencies including Mindshare, one of the four largest global media planning/buying agencies, Horizon Media, the largest independent media planning and buying agency in the U.S, and Razorfish, one of the fastest-growing digital and technology agencies. While we can’t name any of their brands using Blab, we can tell you that Blab is live in customer campaigns via our agency partners in industries including: Consumer packaged goods, automotive, consumer electronics, technology

Question: What are the goals of the new partnership between Blab and Razorfish? How will clients feel the impact of the partnership?

Randy Browning: Technology has transformed social behavior into instantaneous propagation of thought, opinion and perspective throughout the connected world. As social data enables brands to inject greater relevancy and contextual value to the consumer, the new mindset for brands must be that content/ad spend/adword purchasing is all-liquid.

With access to this information and an ability to communicate in real time to massive audiences, nothing stays static, and conversations about information surface, go viral, continue on or wane. Thus the Holy Grail for brands is to spot trendsetters around a brand or topic before they accelerate, then insert content or shape-shift ad spend at precisely the right moment. As conversations turn into trends, brands can understand what’s driving them, and make real-time content decisions more strategically.

This has tangible benefits to marketers in the form of Listening/Learning, Insight generation, Content Creation, Conversion to Purchase


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